How to Deal with Mental Illness

Mental Illness

There is always uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. You live today, but you do not know what will happen tomorrow. You may have an experience that may take a toll on you mentally, emotionally, and physically. When you are unable to deal with a difficult situation in your life, you can develop a mental condition. You may have adapted your life to live and solve your problems in a certain way. However, you may experience a situation or event that may require a new way of coping. You can apply some basic principles to help you cope with difficult situations and emerge stronger after the experience. Dr. Amr Beltagui in Rancho Cucamonga understands the changes that you undergo during a difficult time and helps you through the complicated process of unexpected change.

Mental Illness


One of the stages of healing is the need to accept the change. You may have gone through a bad experience, but if you keep revolving around the situation, then real change will never come. A hard situation is equivalent to natural catastrophe; you can never will it away. It will happen whether you like it or not. When you accept your situation, you set yourself up to thinking about new ways to get around it. When you spend your energy and time fighting a situation that will never change, you deny yourself the ability to move on and experience other aspects of life.


When you get into a depressive mode, your emotions always drive you towards a harmful act. You may feel the need to isolate, but go out and mingle instead. You will also feel anxious, but you can combat this with meditation. You may feel the need to indulge in drug abuse that may make your situation worse, but choose to indulge in a positive activity such as sports. You will need to accept your situation first before your mind can provide possible solutions towards moving your life forward.

Living in the Moment

One of the greatest enemies in your mental illness is yourself. When you get flashbacks of the situation that made you depressed, you start reliving it all over again. It disrupts your routine life and occupies a considerable part of it. It drains your energy by consuming your thoughts and, in some cases, controls your actions that may prove regrettable. You can try to avert your thoughts by focusing on your five senses. Listen to the sounds around you, observe a particular occurrence such as children playing, take in the aroma around you, and interact with your environment and be present. Learn to distract your mind from the negative thoughts that take you towards depression.

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Mental Reframing

Mental reframing involves having a positive attitude towards what happens around your environment. You may have experienced a situation, and your thoughts dwell on how the experience affected you negatively. However, you can turn your thoughts around and look at the positive aspects of the situation. You may have lost a loved one, that changes your life in a big way, but you can choose to adjust by striving to live the positive qualities of the one you lost. Mourn their loss, but then immortalize them by living their good qualities in yourself.