How Interventional Pain Medicine Can Help You

Suffering from any type of pain, chronic or not, can be a real struggle in daily life. Whether you experience neck, hip, or knee pain or suffer from arthritis or sciatica, there are options out there available to help you. Interventional pain methods are offered by Dr. Mathew Lefkowitz in Brooklyn Heights, NY, that can really help you to manage your pain effectively. Read on to discover the many ways in which you can address your pain problems and start to rediscover your zest for life.

Help With Hips And Knees

Knee and hip pain can have a tremendous effect on your range of movement and thus the quality of life. Whether you have a strain, injury, dislocation or another type of chronic pain issue in these areas, help is out there.

To treat knee or hip pain, you could consider a steroid injection into the affected area. Using a mixture of cortisone and local anesthetic, this procedure can give great relief for many patients suffering from knee or hip pain and inflammation. If pain continues, there are other options available. An RFA or radiofrequency ablation procedure uses radiofrequency energy to heat up the affected nerves and stop them from producing pain signals altogether.

Other options available to you are so-called regenerative therapy techniques. PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy can assist people suffering from knee or hip pain. Using a preparation of your own valuable blood cells injected back into the affected area, this technique can help to regrow and repair damaged tissue. They can also speed up the healing process.

Another thing for you to consider is stem cell therapy. Stem cells from an umbilical cord can be used to encourage your soft tissue to regenerate and repair itself naturally, thus easing your symptoms in the process.

Neck, Back Pain And Sciatica Treatments

For neck and back pain you can consider some of the treatments explored above such as steroid injections, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and radio-frequency ablation. You could also think about combining these types of therapies with physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture to really help speed up the healing process and get you back to your old self.

Assistance For Arthritis

Unfortunately, arthritis is a condition that affects millions of people in the United States every single day. However, the medical community is constantly finding new ways to treat and manage the condition and make people’s lives easier.

Interventional Pain

Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation in the joints. The term actually covers a whole host of conditions, including, but not limited to, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, and Psoriatic Arthritis. Regenerative medicine can shine hope on these degenerative conditions and provide several useful treatments.

As previously mentioned, PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy can also be of use for those suffering from arthritis. Your own platelets injected back into your body work to rebuild and repair soft tissue and reduce inflammation. This can in turn help with strengthening your joints and significantly reducing your pain levels.

Stem cell therapy can also be used to address arthritis pain. Injecting powerful stem cells into your affected joints helps repair your damaged tissue as well as promote the growth of healthy new tissue. Stem cells also contain cytokines, which are anti-inflammatory and so can help address the source of the pain and inflammation.