Health Wellness In Florida

LifeWell M.D is a center that aims at offering integrative care to patients. The medical practitioners at the center incorporate various techniques such as the use of regenerative medicine. The center has three convenient locations in Florida, which include Palm Beach, Port Santa Lucie, and Beach Gardens.

What more can I find out about the center?

About Professionals

Dr. Ramesh Kumar, an integrative medicine physician, and oncologist is the managing director at the center. The team of practitioners at the center aim at providing balance, yet high-quality services to all their patients. Doctor Kumar ensures that all patients receive individualized care. Through consultation and diagnostic services, the practitioners help patients in deciding the best alternative to their health needs. The treatments administered by the providers incorporate therapies, traditional, and advanced medical techniques. All the providers are highly-experienced and board-certified to perform various medical procedures.

About Services

The wellness centers in Florida provide a variety of services to their patients. All these services aim at improving the general health of patients. The treatments focus on treating the root cause of any condition, enhancing optimal services. The center focuses on prolonging life, optimizing body function, and enhancing the aesthetics needs of patients. Sexual wellness, body, and mind therapies are also some of the services the center provides.

The main service provided at the center is pain relief. The practitioners incorporate advanced medical procedures in finding effective treatments for any chronic pain. Some of the treatments for chronic pain include Platelet-Rich plasma injections and medical marijuana. The providers offer treatments for men’s sexual health, NAD, Acupuncture treatments, and CoolSculpting. The providers treat skin discoloration, liver spots, wrinkles, excess fat, spider veins, etc. To meet the aesthetic needs of their patients, the center offers aesthetic procedures such as face tightening, PRP hair restoration, Cellulift, and microdermabrasion. All of these are non-surgical procedures.

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Blog Articles

Dr. Ramesh Kumar and his team also focus on educating their patients on various practices. Some articles inform patients or the general public on good lifestyle choices. Articles such as Vampire facial procedures provide additional information for patients. If you want additional info before deciding to receive some treatment procedure, visit the center for consultation services, or conveniently visit the center’s website. Most of these blogs are well-updated, enhancing the quality of services provided at the center.

Testimonials and Reviews

Dr. Kumar appreciates and values reviews from his patients. However, the center has not received a review to date.

How to Contact the Center

Patients can reach the center through mobile or book an online appointment. Conveniently, patients around Florida can visit the center at its locality. Note that the center has three locations across Florida; all the centers provide quality services. Visit the one closest to you. If you have any comments, concerns, or queries about the center, you can send a message to the center through their website.

To sum up, the center welcomes all patients regardless of gender or age. The providers offer treatments aimed at improving the general health of patients. All practitioners at the facility have experience and incorporate advanced medical technology in their treatments. The providers are welcoming and will make you feel comfortable throughout your treatment. Schedule an appointment now or schedule an appointment to receive their services.