Debunking Astigmatism Myths

Astigmatism is a condition that is steeped in myths that are more than ridiculous, they can also keep people away from much needed treatments from an Elgin optometrist. The change in how an eye is curved actually happens to millions of Americans and the diagnosis doesn’t lead to as many life changes as people think. Learn about these common myths and why these incorrect details make it harder for optometrists to treat their patients.

Myth 1: Astigmatism Leads To Blindness

This is arguably one of the most common myths an optometrist will hear when they give the diagnosis of astigmatism. In truth, astigmatism is not known to cause any blindness in patients. While some might experience issues such as night blindness that affects driving, it is nowhere near as serious as expected. Night blindness is more of a term than it is a serious condition, it only means someone has more trouble seeing at night. For example, lights seem to gleam or twinkle instead of stay in their normal placement. Any reported cases of true blindness that occurred in people with astigmatism were in no way related to astigmatism itself. Instead, the condition was found in the patient but in no way influenced the problem.

Myth 2: People With Astigmatisms Cannot Wear Glasses Or Contacts

This myth is wrong on both counts. First and foremost, anyone with astigmatism in one or both eyes can get a prescription for glasses as well as contacts. For those seeking glasses, the process is exactly the same as what they go through for standard purchases. When the glasses arrive, put them on and make sure to wear them for a period of time to better acclimate eyes to the new prescription. A big change from regular lenses comes from what seems distorted to others but is just what is needed to fix the problem.

For contacts, the choices are a bit more limited but equally viable. In this care, contacts are made for those with astigmatism and even state their purpose on the product information. A common name for these options is toric, so anyone who gets a prescription should be on the lookout for a brand that offers these solutions. It is also important to note that the prices for astigmatism options are more expensive than the standard contacts. In some cases, the costs may come from the special prescription details that require one-of-a-kind pairs to be produced.

Myth 3: The Condition Is Caused By Outside Sources

There is no reason to believe that astigmatisms come from outside sources such as pollution, medications, or injuries. Instead, the conditions trace much of its roots through a person’s family tree. If someone in a family has astigmatism, it is a good chance that nearby relatives have experienced much the same.

Astigmatism doesn’t mean a person is going to have significant eye problems throughout their life. Instead, it becomes a normal part of anyone’s life if they treat it so. Under the care of an optometrist, eyes can be properly checked and given the care they need to thrive