Causes Of Men’s Hair Loss

Men’s hair loss is a common occurrence. Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers have a lot of experience dealing with men’s hair loss in Hauppauge.

There is a difference in men’s hair loss and women’s hair loss as men and women have different types of hair. The most common causes of men’s hair loss include:


Male pattern baldness is the most prevalent cause of men’s hair loss. It is triggered by genes that you received from your family.

The medical world does not fully understand how the trait is inherited but if you have the genes, you can start losing hair as early as your teenage years. The best way to know if you have the gene is to look at other male family members and if they are bald, you probably have it.

The balding will happen in the same pattern as your family members. It usually starts with a receding of your hairline which is followed by clear hair loss leading to balding.

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Medical Disorders

Certain medical conditions will lead to loss of hair once you enter a certain stage. The hair usually returns after the condition has been treated.

Anemia and thyroid conditions will lead to temporary loss of hair. You are also likely to lose hair if you suffer from lupus or diabetes.

Hair loss is also caused by some medicines that you take for several diseases such as cancer, arthritis and heart problems. The hair loss is usually a side effect of using the medicine.

Medical procedures such as chemotherapy used to treat cancer will also result in hair loss.


Mental health and physical issues are usually closely linked. Stress is a mental issue that can cause significant hair loss if it is not remedied.

Stress will usually be accompanied by other physical symptoms such as weight loss which when combined put you at great risk of hair loss. The good news is once you relieve yourself of stress, your hair should regain its vitality.

Immune System Disorders

Your immune system is meant to protect your body against various conditions including losing your hair. If your immunity is weak, then you are at a much higher risk of hair loss.

When you lose hair due to immune system deficiencies, you will usually have sudden bald spots appear on your head. Small patches of your hair will fall out on their own to your surprise and agony.

A poor immune system will also leave you at risk of getting scalp infection when you are attacked by ringworms for example. These infections will cause sudden hair loss until treated.

In some cases, your immune system may attack your hair follicles causing hair to fall off. There is no pain involved and should stop once you boost your immunity.

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Diet Deficiencies

Your hair’s health is inextricably linked to your diet. When you are not eating a proper, balanced diet, then you are at a higher risk of hair loss than a person with a good diet.

Diet deficiencies that can trigger hair loss include a lack of enough iron or vitamin A to your diet. Your doctor or a trip to the nutritionist should help you remedy that.