Benefits of Integrative Medicine

The term “alternative medicine” has historically been used to describe medical practices that are not a part of conventional medicine. As the safety and efficacy of these therapies grow, alternative medicine has been combined with conventional medicine to create a new field of medicine known as integrative medicine. This is a comprehensive health care approach that is centered on the patients. Integrative medicine in Los Angeles actively deals with the full range of conditions that can affect a patient’s health, including social, mental, and environmental factors. If you are looking for a primary care provider, it is wise for you to go for the one that has embraced integrated medicine. This is because the medical approach can effectively be used to help people with a wide range of health issues. Below are some of the benefits of integrative medicine.

Treat the Whole Person

Traditional medicine usually focuses on a patient’s physiological medical issues. On the other hand, with integrative medicine, both the mind and the body are of interest. Integrative medical practitioners are trained to acknowledge that there is a strong connection between the emotional, spiritual, and physical components of each patient. They factor in social influences, environmental factors, and even the relationships that affect a patient’s day-to-day life and overall health.

Comprehensive Care

Integrative medicine has to do with a combination of alternative medicine and evidence-based conventional medicine. The two approaches create a synergy that enhances the quality of care that patients receive. For instance, in cases where conventional treatment for back pain or arthritis pain has failed to provide relief, your doctor may recommend massage, osteopathic manipulative therapy, and even acupuncture.

Tackle the Root of a Problem

It is normal for patients to get tired of being treated symptomatically as the exact causes of their ailment remain untouched. Integrative medical providers seek to support their patients in investigating the root cause of their diseases. For instance, the aspects of a patient’s life that negatively affect their health are identified, and a proper plan to deal with them is made to protect the patient from future health issues.

Help Patients save Money

Integrative medicine acknowledges that the best way to deal with medical problems is to prevent them from occurring. Therefore, preventive medicine is an integral component of integrative medicine. In addition to helping a patient stay healthy, this approach has the effect of saving a patient from future expenses in treating conditions that can otherwise be prevented.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that integrative medicine is quite a comprehensive medical approach that combines the principles of both conventional and alternative medicine. More and more primary care providers are embracing this medical approach to provide their patients with a higher quality of health care. If you are looking for a reliable integrative medicine practitioner in Los Angeles, Wellness at Century City is a great choice. They have highly trained medical practitioners committed to the highest standards of professionalism. Feel free to contact them today for more information about integrative medicine and the various services they offer.