Benefits of Earlobe Repair

A few years ago, stretching out earlobe piercings was quite fashionable. Unfortunately, this trend has left many young people with regrettable over stretched earlobes. Physical injuries from having earrings ripped out have also left many people with disfigured earlobes. Luckily, these are issues that can be fixed through a simple cosmetic surgical procedure known as earlobe repair. In this procedure, the doctor will make an incision in the ear lobe and perform reconstruction under local anesthesia. The procedure may leave you with a scar, but your earlobe will look normal again. Therefore, if your earlobe does not look normal for some reason, earlobe repair is an option for you. Below is a rundown of the benefits that you can expect from earlobe repair in New York.

Improved Jewelry Options

As you grow older, your earlobes can lose their elasticity, look thinner, and even sag. Therefore, their ability to hold earrings is reduced. Damaged earlobes may also make it impossible for a person to wear earrings. In addition to repairing your over stretched earlobes a dermatologist can also help with tightening your earlobes and injecting them with fillers. Therefore, your earlobes’ ability to hold earrings can be improved, and as a result, the range of your jewelry options will widen.

Increased Hairstyle Options

People with damaged earlobes are often forced to use their hair to cover this imperfection. Unfortunately, this means that their hairstyle options become limited. For instance, people with damaged earlobes may have to keep long hair to cover the earlobes. This means that their hairstyles have to be dictated by these imperfections as opposed to their wishes. By going in for an earlobe repair procedure, such people can improve the appearance of their earlobes and consequently be in a position to have the hairstyles of their choice.

Smoothen Out Your Career Path

As mentioned earlier, people with earlobe imperfections may be forced to have long hair to hide their imperfections. Unfortunately, having long hair may not be acceptable or even practical in some work environments. Besides, people with over stretched earlobe piercings may not be allowed to join disciplined forces such as the military and the police force. Therefore, by pursuing an earlobe reconstruction procedure, you can eliminate these barriers and streamline your career path.

Boost Self-Confidence

Some people with earlobe imperfections may struggle with self-esteem issues. They simply cannot put up with how society perceives their imperfections. This may negatively affect their self-worth. By getting their earlobes repaired, such people can regain their self-confidence, which can really enhance their emotional and social well-being.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that earlobe repair is quite an important cosmetic surgical procedure. It can go a long way to improve people’s appearance and even self-worth. Therefore, if you have a misshapen earlobe, you can fix it by going in for an earlobe repair surgery. If you are looking for a reliable dermatological surgeon for earlobe repair in New York, Manhattan Dermatology is the best place to find one.