Are You Ready For Invisalign?


Many people who have been considering cosmetic dentistry in San Ramon are learning about the benefits of choosing Invisalign instead. The clear treatment option takes away the pain and insecurities of standard braces. If you think it’s time to correct your teeth alignment problems, consider these factors that could signal you’re ready for what this exciting system brings.

Your A+ge

Age is a key factor in determining if now is the right time for this treatment method. Thanks to its design and materials, this form of realigning teeth can be used on teens as well as adults. An ability to push without cutting gums or needing gels for comfort is something that teens may be especially happy to learn about. Adults also have their own reasons to choose Invisalign–the biggest being its appearance. While some have considered veneers or dental crowns instead, this process takes less time and doesn’t affect the tooth itself. The transparent aligners do their work without anyone knowing they are in place. For many, the comfortable fit means that some forget they are in use.

Consider Your Current Smile

There are six types of teeth configurations that could make you a good candidate for Invisalign. The most referenced reason for any sort of correction comes from crooked or out of place teeth throughout the mouth. Overbites are a commonly seen problem that means your upper teeth push out over your bottom teeth. In contrast, the underbite acts as a reverse of the overbite–bottom teeth push out in front of upper teeth. A mix of the two creates a condition known as crossbite that could feature a number of combinations. Gaps in the smile could also be something that you might need some help with. If that small space is a bother, then there is a way to fix the problem.

Where Are You In sszThe Decision Process?

There are three common steps to choosing Invisalign and most starts with homework. Whether you are a teen or an adult, it is important to do your homework and ask those who have already had Invisalign about their experiences. Many patients come to the treatment after they’ve researched options and spoke with others to find out how it went.

Of course, no Invisalign process starts with the first appointment. At the consultation, a specialist can go over what it takes to be a successful patient and discuss the options as well as the product itself. Other issues that might be discussed include:

  • Past dental history
  • Any other medical conditions as well as any medical history pertinent to treatment
  • How the process works
  • What having an Invisalign treatment plan entails

Does It Use Scanners Or Impressions?


Many people are worried about getting dental impressions thanks to the messy application process. With Invisalign, that may not be a necessity if the dentist recommends the 3D scanner process. General dentistry offices with a full scanner system can cut down on your visits and keep a better picture on file for everyone involved to use.

Prepared For Length Of Treatment

It is also important to consider the length of treatment. Some people will be finished in a matter of months while others will go on for years to get the right level of smile correction. Before starting, it is crucial to understand how long your own treatment will take and whether or not you are committed to making it a success by sticking with the program.