Where does the name “Hello Miss Niki” come from?

This is actually kind of funny. Have you ever seen the movie Step Brothers? Well… my name came from that movie! Isn’t that weird? Allow me to explain. There is a scene where Will Farrell and John C. Reilly are in a job interview, and as Will Farrell is talking, John C. Reilly randomly comes out from behind him and says “Hello Miss Lady” to the woman conducting the interview. This always made me laugh, and the movie was one while I was pondering starting a blog. For more info and a clip of the scene I am referring to, read my “Hey Bloggers!!! Where Did You Get Your Blog Name???” blog post!

What’s your background and experience in the beauty/cosmetic industry?

The only experience I have is life experience! I went to college, but not for anything relating to the beauty industry. I’ve just always had a passion for beauty and wanted to incorporate it into my life. When I was a kid, I always admired my mother’s makeup and her occasional red lipstick. From the moment she took me to, what once was, the CVS in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, I knew I was hooked!

I have spent a lot of time teaching myself the in’s and out’s of makeup and I’m proud to say that I know a lot. Yes – there is still TONS to learn, but because was able to teach myself so much, I’ve become a freelance makeup artist with a local salon.

Why did you decide to become a blogger?

I answered a portion of this question above, but you can read more from my very first blog post, “Obsessed?

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming bloggers?

This may sound a bit cliche, but just BE YOURSELF! I’ve found that I can truly be who I am through social media, especially Snap Chat (Follow Me: HelloMissNiki). Talking to others who share the same passion for beauty is amazing! Sometimes, I even get the opportunity to meet a few bloggers and fans and it is such a rewarding experience! Being who you are, no BS, is truly all I’ve got to say to those who wish to start a blog!

How do I collaborate with

I collaborate with other bloggers and writers all the time! I’ve accepted lots of guest posts, so if you have any ideas and wish to speak with me about this, send me an email at

Do you disclose when you get a free product?

Absolutely! I am very honest in my blog posts, but do often get free products from companies to review. Admittedly, it is a great perk to being  a blogger, but please know that “free stuff” does not sway my opinion towards a product. My reviews are 100% honest! Some may seem skeptical because most of my reviews are extremely positive, but I really only review products that I love. First of all, it’s rare that I come across a product that I dislike, but furthermore, this is a positive space. I started for fun and like to keep it positive. If you have questions about a particular product that I may not have reviewed, but you think I may have tried… just ask my opinion! I’ll be completely hones!  You can read more on my Disclosure page.

Are you married? Where do you live? What do you do for a living?

I really don’t mind getting into my personal life. I just try not to give specific details.

I am 30 years old, born, raised and still living in New Jersey. I live with my husband, David, who I have been married to since November 2010. You’ll see his name pop up once in awhile!

We also have a black lab/pitt mix, Olive, who I love with all my heart. We don’t have children yet, so my Olive is my baby! If you follow me on Snap Chat, I am that annoying woman that constantly posts photos and videos of her dogs. Deal with it… I love her :)

I have a big family and love them all! I have an amazing mom and dad, a beautiful sister, grandparents and a bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins who are just as crazy as I am! I am an obnoxious aunt! I have two nephews and a niece and I’m obsessed with them! They put such a big smile on my face and bring so much joy to my life! I love the little ones so much!

I currently work for a hair care brand assisting the brand development team. But don’t worry – this does not sway my opinions when reviewing other hair care brands!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask me! I am always up for answering questions and if there is something I can’t or won’t answer, I’ll just tell you. Don’t worry… I won’t bite :)