Target Spring 2018 Beauty Preview

On Thursday, February 1, I attended the Target Spring 2018 Beauty Preview. I honestly look forward to these Target events for several reasons. Besides the fact that so many exciting new products are showcased, and I’m one of the few that get to see them first, the event itself is a very small, informative and personable… an overall relaxing evening. It’s just so nice to speak with those who are involved with these Target brands one-on-one, and it’s great that everyone gets to make their way around the room at their own pace. Spring 2018 is a very exciting season, as there are many launches that I’m pretty pumped about! Be warned – this post is photo heavy, but enjoy!


Like most Target events, I got to go with my friend, Carla (Fashion Maven… Mommy). When she told me she was attending, I was psyched! While she and I talk all the time and keep in touch, I realized I haven’t seen her in well over a year. Crazy! But no matter how much time passes, when we hang out, we don’t skip a beat and we always have a fantastic time together. Another reason why I love these Target events! Honestly – she’s the reason that I love Pixi so much and the reason I got involved with the brand, so Carla… thank you so, so much!


When we arrived, we were greeted at the door by gentlemen offering us wine and champagne, which was a lovely touch. As soon as we checked in, it was time to explore the room. While it’s a small event, it’s overwhelming at first. So many products, you don’t know where to start. I’ve come to realize that I have absolutely no chill at these events what so ever. Other attendees are casually walking the room, and I’m looking at products, nearly shaking with excitement, dropping stuff… visually flustered. Can’t change who I am, right? The room is always so bright and clean, and I love the overall set up. This year, there were fresh cut flowers being made into flower crowns and bouquets! A fun, personal touch!










Carla Live Streaming her Target Beauty Preview Journey on Instagram (@FashionMavenMommy)

While we started off on the left side of the room where the hair, skin, and fragrances were, I’m going to start this post off by talking about the makeup part of the room, because that was my favorite (obviously)! While I love seeing all the new innovations from classic established brands and exciting new ones, I’m always sure to check out Pixi Beauty first. As always, they have a lot of amazing products that have launched (or are launching), and this is where the fun begins!

I’m not the best Instagrammer these days, so Carla brought to my attention that Pixi posted news about something exciting coming soon. Well – the news… Pixi Beauty has collaborated with more influencers and has brought us some more beautiful products. Their last round of collaborations was amazing, as we were introduced to products from ASPYNOVARD, Caroline Hirons, ItsJudyTime, and Maryam Maquillage. This time, we have palettes from Dulce Candy and kits by Weylie Hoang. I’ll be honest, I cannot remember if there were anymore collaborations. There very well could have been, but I didn’t photograph them, therefore I forget if there were only two influencers. I’ll update this post when the news is officially announced.

In addition to the collaborations, Pixi has launched a new liquid lip shade, Liquid Fairy Lights for the eyes, and my absolute favorite item… the product that got my hands shaking, the Glow-y Gossamer Duos! I’ll be reviewing these highlighters in the coming weeks, but just know that they are incredible and will be added to my list of must-have/favorite highlighters!









Another brand I’m always excited about is Sonia Kashuk. The launches are a bit different this year, as SK will no longer be launching makeup. I’m honestly 100% fine with that, as I’m always more interested in their brushes, tools, and bags anyway. In addition to some gorgeous bags (I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of the one I actually wanted!), SK will launch, I think, two brush sets and some tools, which include that pretty awesome looking marble blender below. The feel of the collection was very different this year. While Sonia Kashuk usually launches brushes and bags with bold, colorful prints, this year, the brand is staying more chic and classy. This is certainly not a bad thing! I love the elegance of the collection. I don’t have the exact launch date for the SK items, but I was told that all the products on display or either launched, or will launch before February 11.







Of course, there were some other cosmetic brands on display. I noticed a new, gorgeous shade from Defy & Inspire, and a few tools from Japonesque (Yes!!! Japonesque!!!) but Pixi and Sonia Kashuk is the highlight of my evening.

Okay – I’m working backwards right now. When Carla and I first walked in, we went to the left, which was the hair, skin and fragrance section. This was a pretty exciting moment for me actually! As soon as I walked in, nearly front and center was Love Beauty and Planet! I’ve said it many times before, and if you are a longtime follower you already know this, but I’ve been on the Unilever Hair Team for almost 5-years now and I’m part of the team that created this incredible brand! I say it over and over again… I was not the creative force behind the brand, but I was always behind the scenes coordinating things. That being said, I saw all the hard work and effort that went into this launch, so walking in and seeing these products on display made me so proud! I swear I’m not being biased when I say that I’m obsessed with this brand!





There are a lot of pretty cool hair care launches to be excited about, one of them being some new items from Kristen Ess, a Target Exclusive Brand. I’ll be honest, I have yet to try anything from Kristen Ess, but I’m always so intrigued by what they have to offer. I’ve always loved the clean, sleek packaging, and some of their innovations seem pretty exciting. I think the two items that appealed to me the most was the Anytime Everywhere Recovery Balm and the Rose Gold Temporary Hair Tint. Unfortunately, I can’t use the tint because it’s meant for those with blond hair, but I’m super interested to try that Recovery Balm. I always gravitate towards skin care products in stick form… I don’t know why… they’re just so cool to me! When I saw a hair care product in the same type of packaging, I became curious. I’m going to keep an eye out for it at my local Target, because I must know how it works!



I’m not too familiar with the other brands being showcased, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested! There was a lot to choose from, even some curly girl products that I’ll have to try in the near future! Be sure to look for new items from Aunt Jackie’s, The Doux, The Mane Choice, Pacifica, and more!








This season, Target is launching Good Chemistry, an exclusive fragrance brand! I’m not a fragrance person, as I typically gravitate towards pretty basic body sprays, but I could honestly say that I’m excited and extremely interested to try some of these scents! Not only do these fragrances smell incredible (I must get my hands on Queen Bee), but the packaging is beautiful! I’ll also note that Pacifica is launching some new fragrances, but I was so eager to smell the Good Chemistry perfumes, that I forgot to go back and check out the ones from Pacifica. Sorry!










Lastly – there are some pretty great skin care launches! I didn’t focus too much on what’s coming, only because I was so overwhelmed with everything else, but I’m going to tell you a little bit about it anyway! As always, Pacifica is bringing us some new items, which is cool because Pacifica skin care is actually really good! I went through a phase where everything I used was Pacifica.

Something that we noticed that was pretty exciting was some products from Bliss! Looks like Target is going to start selling some products, but the items pictured below are Target exclusives which is great! I’m really curious to try that Jelly Glow Ball! And while there are a bunch more items that were on display, I’ll wrap up by saying that I want to try the deodorant sticks from Meow Meow Tweet! How cute are they? The Lavender and Bergamont smells amazing, so I’m going to have to get my hands on it!












Are you just as excited as I am about these launches? There’s so much happening and so much to look forward to! Again – some of these items may already be available, but if they aren’t, everything that was showcased at the event will launch before February 11! Be sure to keep your eye out at your local Target!


I’ll leave you with an obnoxious photo of me on the ferry wearing Carla’s flower crown…

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