January Faves

Another month has quickly flown by, and here we are… February 2018! I discovered some pretty good finds this month, and have a few that I’ve been using for awhile, but simply forgot to list for December. Ooops! Let’s get to it! Here are my January Faves!


OFRA Cool as a Cucumber Primer


I’m always on the hunt for a good primer, so when OFRA launched Cool as a Cucumber, I was super excited! Anything cucumber is always so appealing because I know that it comes with cooling properties. And, boy, does it cool! Not only does this primer contain cucumber (duh!), but it also has coconut oil, kukui nut oil, and macadamia nut oil to help lock-in extra moisture! I feel like my foundation applies so smoothly, and helps my makeup last all day. During the colder months, my skin is usually super dry, but I’ve been using the right products to battle the flakiness, this item being one of my new must-haves!

ColourPop x ILUVSARAHII Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Softii’


I knew I was going to enjoy this shade when I first received it, but I had no idea I’d literally become obsessed with it! This deep rose, nude shade is my ultimate neutral lip. It’s no secret that I usually go for reds or deep berry shades, so while others may not think so, this is considered a “nude” lip for me. It goes so well with every look I do! Usually I go for a more neutral eye look with reds, but now I feel like I’m exploring more shades on my eyes since I’ve found a more toned down lip shade that I love!

Rimmel Ultimate Kajal Eyeliner


I’ve been looking for a good Kajal eyeliner on and off for years. Ever see Sex and the City 2, when Carrie goes on a date with Adrian (I haven’t seen the movie in awhile, so I think that’s the scene). I remember watching that movie and falling in love with her eye makeup! And when I looked into it, I found out she used a Kajal eyeliner. I sort of forgot about this until I spotted this item at Walmart. I don’t do black eyeliner much anymore, but since I discovered this one, I’ve been playing with it a lot lately. It seems to last all day, which I love because I always have issues with black liner. They also have a dark emerald shade, which I need to get STAT!

Real Techniques Blend + Blur Foundation Brush


OMG! It’s been so long since I’ve falling in love with a foundation brush! I was a little hesitant about buying another brush like this, only to be disappointed. What are these brushes called again? An oval brush or something? I don’t know… either way – I’ve tried a few in the past and while some of them were decent, I didn’t find one that I loved. But this one, I’m seriously obsessed with it. The brush head is huge and so it blends a lot of product at once, and it blends it evenly! I think what I love most is how sturdy it is. It seriously feels like a luxurious, expensive brush, but it’s less than $20! If you’ve tried these brushes and have been upset with them because they feel like bend… this one won’t! I absolutely love it, and plan on buying a few more to have as backups!

DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser


I was a little iffy about this tool at first, only because of the steep price. I never spend more than $50 on a hair dryer. But – since I keep seeing all these curly hair tutorials and they’re using the DevaDryer, I said WHY NOT! So – I put it on my Christmas list. Good choice! I absolutely love this dryer! The temperature gets hot, but not hot enough to cause damage or create frizz. Yes – I will always experience a little frizz no matter what, but I’ve been having better hair days every since I started using this duo. And the DevaFuser is awesome. I had a knock-off $5.00 version from EBay, but it’s certainly not the same! This one is better and much more sturdy and really dries my hair evenly!

Dippity-Do Girls with Curls Curl Shaping Gelee


I’m always trying new products for my curly hair. I was watching The Glam Belle try new products in one of her videos, and she seemed to really like this stuff. I’m so glad I caught her video because this has to be my favorite curl product to date! With my hair, and with many curly girls, we have to use a bunch of products to get the results we want. It takes a lot of time and patience to get curls looking close to perfect. I was spending money on products that cost upwards of $20 a piece and used, maybe, four of them at a time. Again – not unusual, but damn it gets expensive. After I shower, I throw in some leave-in conditioner, use this gelee, and that’s it! Only one product during my curly hair routine. That’s unheard of for me. I’ve been on the hunt for my do-it-all product for years and I’ve finally found it. I think that the gelee does have the potential to give your curls a bit of crunch if you overuse it, but in general, my hair has been curly, full, and manageable for the past few weeks and I love it!

Lumene Arctic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra-Oil


I’m so obsessed with this brand! I’ve honestly enjoyed every product I’ve purchased. I am not one to always use an oil or serum. When I start, I always kind of stop purely out of laziness. But this oil here has made my skin feel amazing and I wake up with brighter looking skin. It smells amazing, and while it’s an oil, it’s not one that creates a mess. It’s like an oil/serum texture and it’s wonderful. The Lumene Moisturizer I use lately has been enough to help my dry skin, but adding this oil into the mix has been a game changer!

There you have it! Have a lovely February!

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