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I can’t tell you how much Instagram has helped me stay on track. Making a huge lifestyle change is intimidating enough and can be extremely difficult, especially on days I’m feeling down and not up for the challenge. Throughout the day, I get Instagram post notifications on my phone from some of my favorite health and fitness accounts, and it makes all the difference in the world. I’ve found that numerous social media outlets like YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest, etc. has really guided me, but Instagram keeps it fun! So if you’re like me, and need that extra daily push, here are some of my favorite Motivating Health & Fitness Instagram accounts. ((Shameless plug: be sure to follow ME on Instagram @HelloMissNiki))




PopSugar Fitness has been there for me since day one, whether it be Instagram, SnapChat, or their daily, informative newsletters. I’ve truly learned so much from them and attribute a lot of my success to consistently following their accounts. While you may not find many informative tips and tricks on their feed, their IG stories really keep things interesting with unique recipes and fun workouts. I may not learn much from their photo feed, but their daily posts of inspiring quotes and photos of delicious meals and workout fashion gives me the pick-me-up I need throughout the day!



I think this is the second fitness influencer I’ve discovered and have been following her for almost a year now (I don’t really follow the first one I’ve found anymore LOL). I found Katie from LSF  on PopSugarFiness IG stories and I can’t remember the routine that got me hooked, but she’s very fun to watch. I always sign up for her fitness challenges, which I don’t always follow to suit, but I love getting tips for future workouts. She’s posted about some pretty great recipes over on her website, and I’ve certainly learned a lot from her.



Whitney is probably my favorite account on this list. Not only does she post some pretty fantastic workout clips, but she’s so funny! That may not necessarily show in her posts, but when I watch her on YouTube, I get such a kick out of her! I’ve learned so much from her workouts and while I may loathe her HIIT videos (I only loathe them because they’re killer… awesome… but I’m afraid I’ll die! HAHA), I’ve learned so many techniques from her that I carry with me each and every workout. And for the love of Bob, make sure to watch one of her YT videos if you haven’t already. She has the most adorable puppy, Navy, and I’m obsessed with him!



I think most recently, I follow Ashlen’s workouts the most. Each workout routine she posts on IG, I find has changed and toned my body for the better. She really focuses more on strength training, which is exactly what I’m into these days. When I get a post notification from her, I watch her 1 minute clip and screenshot the exercises that I’m interested in trying. I feel like she’s the most “real” out of all the fitness influencers out there and I love that she belongs to a Planet Fitness! Why? Because I often hear negative feedback about their chain, meanwhile I’m happy as a clam when I walk in the door. My mindset: If she works out there, it’s good enough for me!



Yet another fitness influencer I’ve discovered through PopSugar, and probably the most inspiring. Laura weighed over 300lbs back in 2014 and took matters into her own hands. She’s the epidomy of “Strong is Beautiful”, as she’s changed her life for the better. I haven’t really followed her mini workout videos from IG, only because she does a lot of barbell work, and my gym only has a Smith Machine, but if I ever get to that point, she certainly provides a lot of inspiration for workouts and proper form. I’m kind of a newbie to her IG, so I can’t wait to see what she has to say in 2018!



I’m not really sure how I came across some of these accounts, but this one has been key in helping me achieve results! This page has over 500K followers and provides daily fitness motivation, workouts, humor, and even pictures of puppies! I can’t tell you how many times I screenshot their posts because they really do post a lot of strength training workouts that I’ve enjoyed following!



I’m extremely new to this IG, but like @GymAesthetic, this account provides very similar inspiration. By the way – As I’m writing, I’m thinking about how I’ve come across these random pages, and I think I stumbled upon them in the Discover section on Instagram. You find a lot of good, helpful accounts by browsing through every now and then.



This is going to sound silly, but it took me a really long time to realize this was a person and not a community. Yes – it shows that she’s a public figure at the top, but apparently, I’m not very observant. Anyways – Sara Rav, a 19 year old med student who runs this page has over 1.5 Million followers! She posts a lot of fitness inspiration, food pics, and more. What I love most is all the transformation photos she shares. Seeing those really hit home and inspires me so much! This is going to sound cheesy, but the posts give me hope and makes me believe in myself!



Now this is a really fun page! Greatist is a health and fitness site, which I honestly have yet to check out. Shame on me! Considering I love their IG page, I should really take a look at their site, right? Anyways, their all about health and their posts truly put a humorous spin on annoying daily struggles of those going through lifestyle changes. They post a lot of uplifting content, but their random memes give me a smile. My latest favorite quote they posted… “Reminder that Winnie the Pooh wore a crop top with no pants and ate his fav food and love himself and u can too.” How cute is that?



I’ve learned so much from this IG account! If it’s not obvious, this page posts info about food and provides great advice for calorie swaps and “fixes”. There have been a few posts that have made me sit back and rethink my diet and choices, but all in a very positive way. What I love is that they post about how you could live a healthy lifestyle without starving yourself. This was the IG page that convinced me to buy a food scale and it’s completely changed my outlook on portion sizes!

And there you have it! I’m sure I have a few more that I may have forgotten all about, but these are the 10 pages that I follow religiously and the ones that have helped me through my life changes. If you have any pages that you love to follow, please, by all means, suggest them! I’m always on the lookout for new, fun, inspiring health and fitness accounts!

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