5 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings for Holiday Parties

Ask any woman and she can instantly point you to her favorite pair of leggings. She wears them to run errands, power through a workout, and even to hang out with friends on a Friday night. Leggings are truly one of the most versatile articles of clothing in any woman’s closet and the right pair can work for just about any occasion.


This time of year, stressing about the perfect holiday party outfit can be a bummer. But, with a few styling tips, a staple or more daring pair of leggings can be worn to a festive holiday party! That’s right! Ease the stress of finding the perfect outfit for a fête during the most wonderful time of the year by starting with a comfortable and fashionable pair of leggings.

Read on for five ways to easily, comfortably and fashionably style leggings for your next holiday party!

Start at the Bottom


Any pair of leggings can instantly be transformed into a chic outfit with the perfect pair of shoes. For a more festive occasion like a holiday party, try pairing a pair of deep-toned solid leggings with your favorite pair of riding boots or booties!

Adding the right footwear will instantly streamline the look of the leggings and amp up the dressiness of your look. Adding some tall, stylish boots to a holiday look can even disguise your leggings as trendy tights — perfect to pair with a longer shirt or dress. You’ll look incredibly chic and put together, while still being secretly comfy as can be in your lovely leggings!

Add A Statement Accessory

Selecting a sparkly, oversized necklace or a pair of unapologetic hoop earrings can pull any ensemble together and make it more elegant — a trick that works great when you’re looking to make your leggings look a bit more formal!

Try pairing a statement accessory with your solid leggings and a draped top to up your level of chic instantly. Gold, silver, and white gold jewelry all complement traditional holiday colors beautifully. Looking for something a bit more contemporary? Try adding a trendy rose gold necklace, bracelet or oversized ring to your ensemble.

You can even shop personalized monogrammed accessories. One of the top stores to get custom jewelry is Pink Lily where you can choose from tons of colors and several font options for metal, acrylic, or leather jewelry.

Let the Leggings Lead


A super fun and simple way to rock leggings at a holiday party is to don a festive pattern! Patterned leggings from White Plum are totally unique and festive, and can add an element of whimsy to your attire. They have a larger patterned collection than most and even offer some additional extended sizing!

There’s something extra lighthearted and cheery about leggings that boast a subtle snowflake pattern, a classic plaid print or some regal reindeer!

If you’re up to showing off your stems in a groovy print, keep the rest of your ensemble simple. A solid color loose-fitting top and a pair of basic black or nude shoes that let the print speak for itself will certainly carry you to the top of any best-dressed list!

Leather and Lace

Faux leather leggings are a great choice for parties, as they look high end but maintain the true comfort of leggings. Most faux leather leggings, like those from Magnolia Boutique, have the classic shiny outer layer, but the inner layer is soft and flexible.

Create a leather and lace look when you pair your leggings with a chic lace top in deep wine, black, or forest green. Your leggings will look amazing with both knee high boots or cute booties. Toss on a leather jacket to complete your ensemble!

Get Dressy


A fabulously foolproof ways to get your leggings holiday ready is to dress them up, literally! There are plenty of sparkling leggings out there in shiny metallic colors! From sleek silver faux leather pieces to sequined styles, you’ll dress to impress when you opt for shimmering metallics.

Final Tips

Play with different hemlines as you try on dresses and see which complement your leggings and the rest of your ensemble. Don’t let an overly baggy dress or blouse allow your frame to get lost. Don’t forget to make sure your snappy shoes add and don’t distract from the wow-factor of your dress!

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