10 New Year Beauty & Health Resolutions

I’m truly not one to make New Year’s Resolutions. I honestly can’t remember the last time I made one and stuck with it. My whole lifestyle change was not a new years resolution… as a matter of fact it came a month or two after new years. That being said, there are some things that I want to start doing. Some of these resolutions are new to my routine, others are things that I do, but need to do more of. So let’s make this quick… here are 10 New Year Beauty & Health Resolutions!


Meal Prep

Okay – so this is definitely new to me. I’ve changed so much in my life over the past year, yet meal prep is something I struggle with. I love being prepared and have really gotten my life organized nicely, but I really have to start prepping my lunches. I don’t eat badly at work… I opt for salads, grilled chicken or turkey wraps, but I feel like meal prep will not only keep my healthy eating on track, but it will save me lots of money in the long run! I may not start this right away, as the New Year is near and I have yet to do any prepping, but it’s something I really have to sit down and think about.

Keep Up With Skin Care Routine

I have decent skin. I take care of it well, but I often fall out of my routine. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll quickly wash my face and throw on some moisturizer, and while that does not destroy my skin, I need to be much more consistent with it. I need to do more facial masks, and use toner more often. I go through my phases of being so detailed with my routine, and then I quickly fall off the wagon. So let’s try and keep it up, shall we?

Floss More

You heard me! FLOSS! I never keep up with this one either and have made this resolution time and time again. But I feel like amillion bucks after I decide to finally do it. I’m going to get gross right now, so be prepared! Don’t floss much? When you cave and decide to do so, sniff the floss after you’ve removed the gunk in between your teeth… you will now want to do it every day! Ew – I’m gonna go floss right now actually!

Clean Makeup Brushes More Often

Oh yes, a task I always procrastinate with! I mean, it doesn’t take me that long to do, so I don’t know why I always put it off. Once it’s done, I’m thrilled and you’d be surprised at how well your makeup brushes perform afterwards. Something that motivates me? Using a good brush cleaner! My favorite… Swirl + Sparkle! You want your brushes to look and feel new, you must try this amazing cleanser!

Moisturize Hands More

I don’t know why I always neglect my hands! They always look so bad in the winter and I need to keep up with them better! While I don’t maintain them as much as I should, as soon as I use my favorite lotion, my hands are like new! Try out the KBShimmer Lotions! You’ll love them!

Maintain Nails

Yes – can you believe this is on the list? I went from being a pretty damn good nail blogger… constantly posting swatches, reviewing polishes, and pretty much doing my nails every night, to not doing them at all! How did this happen? Whether I want to paint them or not, I need to take better care of them. I need to use more lotion and moisturize my cuticles, file and buff… basically, give myself more manicures. What has happened to me???

Perform More Breast Exams

This is a BIG one! Ladies… you need to do this! Don’t think you’re exempt if you’re a spring chicken! My aunt was twenty-seven years old when she was diagnosed. DO IT! Don’t know how? Read more HERE!

Get More Haircuts

I could go a long time without getting a haircut. I sort of just loose track of the months and then when I think about how my hair has been unmanageable, I realize that I haven’t gotten it cut in over 6 months! I really need to keep track of my cuts and simply get a trim every now and then to keep it healthy.

Have Fun with Eyeshadows

I have tons and tons of eyeshadow palettes, all with gorgeous colors, but I never explore the shades the way I want to. My go-to look is a neutral eye with a bold lip, and I always feel like I can’t do both. I don’t want to go overboard with my makeup, especially when I’m at work, but I really want to start having more fun and being brave with more colors.

Be Confident

My confidence has certainly skyrocketed over the past year and that makes me so happy. So my resolution is to keep it up! I have been feeling better than ever and waking up in the morning feeling happy and confident enough to leave the house is a fantastic feeling. So all I want to do is to keep it going! Feeling confident is one of the happiest feelings in the world!


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