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You always want what you can’t have, right? The grass is always greener and all that. It’s a fact of life that people with straight hair often want curls and people with curls tend to want them straight. This is a tough one and while when it comes to styling there’s always a way to get the look you want, sometimes life is about fully embracing what you have. So in that spirit here are some affirmative and fully pro-curl care and styling tips to help those of you blessed with ringlets, waves, afros and the like to realize what you have and really enjoy getting the most out of your curly hair.


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Products to Use


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When it comes to making sure you have a great curly haired look, products really are important. Unlike straight hair that can often be weighed down with too many potions and lotions, with curls it’s almost essential to find some luscious smelling creams and sprays that will help tame the locks and give that all important definition to your look. Finding the right product for you tends to require a bit of trial and error. Get recommendations from friends and beauty counter advisers then try a few different ones and see which works best for you. When you find the right product that gives you a beautiful look it will be very much worth it!

Styles to Wear


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Often people think that you don’t need to style curly hair. You just leave it au naturel. And while that can be a great look, do not underestimate the fun you can have by putting curly hair in a range of different, cool up-dos. For example, French braid hairstyles are great for curly hair. Natural curls give an interesting texture to this style, so have a look at interesting French braid hairstyles (find ideas here) and don’t be shy to give them a try!

Make Sure to Get a Good Cut


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Apart from products and styling, one of the biggest determinants of whether you have a great curly hair look or one that feels completely out of control is the kind of cut you get. Lots of hair dressers are intimidated by really curly hair and unless they are used to it might try and cut it as they would straight hair. As the curly brigade know from bitter experience this just doesn’t work. You need someone who understands the different needs and texture of curly hair to give you a great cut. Seek out recommendations from friends or search locally for people with real expertise. Getting a good cut really sets you up for better day-to- day hair.



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These are the top three tips when it comes to curly hair; the most important basics to get right if you are going to love your look. Just remember – good products, a cool style and an expert cut will set you up for great hair days every day. Then you can just sit back and revel in how lucky you are to have natural curls!

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