Featured: Strengthening Your Skin Through the Use of Dermaroller Therapy

Repairing damaged skin can sometimes seem like a difficult task, but the skincare industry has mad it a lot easier. Not only are there skincare procedures now that can reverse some skin problems, but many of them can also strengthen skin to slow down future loss of elasticity or pigmentation. Stronger, healthier skin is attainable, if you know how. One way to make your skin stronger is by using something called Dermaroller, which is a version of micro-needling treatment.


Micro-Needling Skincare Tools at a Glance
Dermaroller is the most popular form of micro-needling. The roller devices are typically small and hand-held with the drums being attached to the end of a handle. Each drum can be studded with very small needles, which may vary slightly in size. Longer needles are typically used to treat deeper tissues, but even the longest Dermaroller needles are quite tiny because skin is only so think. These needles are not required to deliver medication to the body, only to treat the skin itself.

Other micro-needling tools include stamp-like devices and pen-like devices. Those smaller devices also have several tiny needles, but they work for treating small, localized skin concerns. A Dermaroller is meant to treat sections of skin that are larger.

What Dermarollers do to Strengthen the Skin

Dermarollers strengthen the skin in a way that mirrors the workings of precision cosmetic lasers. Both the lasers and the Dermarollers cause tiny amounts of new damage to the skin tissues. The body perceives the new damage and is tricked into making more skin-strengthening substances. The most well-known of those substances is collagen, which helps to make skin stretchy and smooth. As collagen production increases old damage is healed along with the new damage. The newly strengthened skin cells are also less susceptible to additional damage once the healing process is complete. Although, they can be quite susceptible to infection during the healing process if proper precautions are not taken.

Why You Might Choose Dermaroller Treatments Over Lasers

For some people the decision to choose Dermaroller treatment over laser procedures is only a matter of personal preference. Either procedure might do the same job equally well. But other people are advised against having laser procedures by their clinicians because of their skin types. If a clinician thinks your
skin is too oily to respond well to laser treatment, for instance, they may recommend that you try Dermaroller therapy instead.

How Many Dermaroller Treatments You Need

There is no single answer to how many Dermaroller treatments each person needs. It depends on the condition of the skin to begin with, as well as the individuals body and how quickly it tends to heal itself. You may find that you only need or want a single treatment, or you might want to have a few.

If you do opt to have multiple Dermaroller treatments then you need to remember that Dermaroller results are not instantaneous. Nor is the healing process after each Dermaroller appointment. Your skin will be very sensitive for up to a couple of weeks after each appointment. Most clinicians recommend having Dermaroller appointments at least a month apart from each other for that reason. If you choose to go for another Dermaroller appointment any sooner than that you could actually damage your skin more, rather than healing it.

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