Milani Lip Rehab Kit

Milani never fails to give us amazing products! So many of their items are favorites of mine, and I think I’ve added their newest lip treatments to my must-have collection! I bought their three recently launched lip products individually, but I’ve noticed they sell them in a perfect little set called the Milani Lip Rehab Kit!


This kit is an online exclusive, but like I said, you can purchase them individually (I think I grabbed mine at CVS). However, if you buy the kit, you get an pretty little leather micro bag with Milani signature gold hardware. It’s very pretty, and had I known this set existed, I probably would have bought it online. Oh well – I’m just happy to have these three products because I love them so much!


Let’s talk about the Keep It Clean Longwear Lip Color Remover first, as it’s step one of the three treatments! I always wear liquid lipsticks, and while they come off easily with any makeup remover, sometimes it can create a mess. And let’s face it, I hate the taste of standard makeup removers. By taking a little bit of this thick, balmy product and swiping it across your lips, your lip color melts away! Just wipe it with a tissue or cotton pad and you’re good to go! This product is extremely effective, and it leaves my lips feeling super soft and hydrated… as if I wasn’t wearing liquid lipstick to begin with! The best part… it smells and tastes delicious… like cake!


I am obsessed with lip scrubs! While it’s not recommended to use one everyday, I do anyways, because they always make my lips feel amazing! As soon as I saw Milani launch a lip scrub, I knew I had to get my hands on it! The Keep it Sweet Lip Sugar Scrub is a very gentle scrub that leaves your lips feeling super smooth! Is it my favorite? No – I have a favorite already, so perhaps I’m being a little biased. I like scrubs that are practically all sugar granules. This scrub obviously contains the exfoliant, but also contains, what feels like, a balm within the sugar. That’s absolutely fine, and it works beautifully, but I prefer ones that are a little “rougher” on my lips. Regardless, this is a great balm, and if you have lips that can’t really withstand a more intense scrub, this one is perfect! Like the Lip Color Remover, this product smells amazing!



The Keep It Smooth Luxe Lip Treatment has to be my favorite of the three! I love this product so much! I’m always on the lookout for a lip balm or treatment to wear overnight, and this one is wonderful and will permanently remain on my nightstand! This delicious treatment helps restore dry lips and locks in hydration, as it contains Shea Butter and six Ultra-Hydrating Oils including Coconut, Olive, Sweet Almond, Macadamia, Jojoba, and Argan. No wonder my lips feel amazing!



The Milani Lip Rehab Kit is available at for $27.00. 

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