Introducing KBShimmer Nauti By Nature Collection for Spring 2017

This spring let KBShimmer’s Nauti By Nature collection take you on a trip to the islands, where life is slower, the days are warmer, and flip flops are the norm. These 12 nail polishes represent different accepts of a tropical vacation, from the pastel homes of the Bahamas, to brightly colored ropes on fisherman’s ships, to the fronds of the palm trees. Let the bright colors of the Macaw and shimmering shades of sea life whisk you away on your own nautical retreat.   6 holographic colors are complimented with 6 additional shades in shimmery, crelly, or glittery finishes, for a truly tropical collection.



Macaw Me Maybe
Walking along a palm lined path, all I could hear was the sounds of birds.  Turning the corner, I saw a bold scarlet colored perched Macaw.  This red shade was inspired by the bright red tone of the macaw, while the linear holographic flame mimics the blue and golden yellow accent feathers.  2 Coats Recommended


The Girl Is Tiki
Going into tourist bar, one is bound to find drinks served kitschy, tiki shaped cups. This rusty coral shade is an orange leaning peach, paying homage to those tourist trap drinks.  Frozen or not, like those fun concoctions, this polish is better on the beach, were the sun will make the linear holo pigment come to life!  2 Coats Recommended


This golden toned yellow is a super sunny shade, complementing any swimsuit you wear.  Perfect in 2-3 coats, this warm shade will make you long to mellow out on sandy beaches, where tropical waters provide the soundtrack and rum runners help cool you off.


Keep Palm And Carry On
A rich yellow leaning green, this palm inspired shade brings to mind the lush greenery of the islands, be it in the trees themselves, or the vibrantly colored tourist shirts.  Two easy coats will have you back to relaxing in no time.


Tropic Like It’s Hot
Spring Break Trips are filled with turquoise colored waters and late night music that makes you want to move.  This aqua, Caribbean sea inspired color is alive with the rich blue-green color found in tropical waters.  The sun or bright light brings out the fantastic holographic flame and makes this turquoise shade even more vibrant.  Best in 2 coats.


Latitude Adjustment
As dawn nears, and the sun starts to peek above the horizon, the sky bursts forth with shades of periwinkle, purples and navy.   This holographic periwinkle polish was inspired by those quiet mornings on the beach, where finding shells on the shore, enjoying the sounds of gulls and waves, and stunning view can make anyone glad to be awake!  This lavender leaning blue shade is best in 2 coat.


Tempting Fête
Junkanoo is a colorful and festive street carnival and parade held in the Bahamas.  While the origin of the celebration may be disputed, the wild costumes, masks, and music are clearly the highlight of this festival.  This shade is inspired by those bold and colorful costumes, with glitters in gold, grape, pink, green and orange.   Micro bursts of confetti like micro sliced glitter flitter among this creamy white base.  2-3 Coats Recommended


Starfishing For Compliments
You have seen them, those tourists standing on the beach, snapping selfies with their drinks, showing off their vacation look, all trying for the perfect IG picture and fishing for compliments and hearts.  This soft taupe crelly is inspired by those rising social media sweethearts.  Filled with hex glitters in white, black, coral and aqua, a scattering of black and aqua stars complete this picture perfect polish.  2-3 Coats Recommended


Saved By The Shell
One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing the different shells scattered among the sand.  This sandy shade is inspired by those beautiful shimmering pink shells.  A soft , sandy peach color is accented by a coppery pink shimmer that pops in the light.  In low light, it is a wonderful neutral color.  2-3 Coats Recommended


Salt Water Sassy
Along the shores of the Caribbean, you can see pops of bright pastel homes set off against the aqua water.  These homes in yellow, coral, turquoise, white, and periwinkle are mimicked in this sassy crelly polish.  Hex glitters swim among a pale, minty aqua base, where the punch of color makes one wish for salt water and sand.  2-3 Coats Recommended


Show Me The Mahi
On the islands, fishing is a way of life.  The adventurous traveler may even venture out to deep waters where Mahi Mahi and Marlin may be the catch of the day.  Inspired by the deep aqua waters, this jelly polish is loaded with scale inspired holo glitters in lime and teal, and color shifting iridescent glitters that morph from golden greens to vibrant red orange colors.  2-3 Coats Recommended


Got It Sandaled
At the end of the day, flip flops in your hand, one last walk on the beach at sunset is the perfect way to end the day. As the sun hits the horizon, rich pinks, purples, and dusky purples and blues fill the sky. This shimmering shade was inspired by those dusky tones. A deepened lavender toned cream is accented by pinky violet shimmer. Best in 2 coats, this shade comes alive when the light hits and the shimmer can pop!

KBShimmer’s Nauti By Nature collection will be available March 11, 2017 At The Indie Shop Atlanta, and March 18, 2017 at,, and select salons & retailers.

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