Golden Door Daily Renewal Treatment

While I’m still somewhat particular about I use on my skin, lately, I’m thinking outside the box and trying out a variety of products. I’ve found some pretty amazing cleansers, toners, masks, etc, but one product that has stood out is the Golden Door Daily Renewal Treatment!


Disclaimer: Press sample. See end of post.

Besides the lovely packaging,  this product stood out the most because of it’s benefits and scent! First of all, this treatment contains all natural ingredients, which makes it wonderful for a variety of skin types. By applying this serum, you are removing dead skin cells and damage from the environment, which leaves your skin looking radiant. This treatment can be used as a serum before your serum! Once you skin is cleansed, apply a pump or two to the face. The texture is a mix between a gel and a cream, and I find it to be quiet cooling. I allow it to absorb for a minute or two before moving onto the next step. You can use this serum alone, or follow up with another serum… the choice is yours! I’ve noticed that when I use this serum under my other daily skin care products, my skin is left feeling even more luxurious, bright, and smooth!





The scent is quiet strong, but not in a bad way! I enjoy it, but it certainly stands out. This is because it contains a few lime based ingredients such as Lime Pearl (for smoothness and brightness), Wildlime Harvest (for younger looking skin), and Mexican Lime Oil (to clean out pores). I find that the ingredients are very unique, and when they work together, they create such an amazing product!

The Golden Door Daily Renewal Treatment is now available at for $88.00.

Disclaimer: I received these products from a PR company/manufacturer for review. Please visit my Disclosure page for more information.

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