Swirl + Sparkle Sweet Momma Sue’s Ms. Giraffe

I’m so in love with Swirl + Sparkle! I can’t exactly remember where I first heard about this amazing brand, but I’ve discovered the true beauty of their products recently, and I’m a huge fan! I’ve mentioned S+S so many times on SnapChat, Instagram, etc., but I want to talk about the Sweet Momma Sue’s Ms. Giraffe brush cleaner, because it’s very special.


For those of you who don’t know what Swirl + Sparkle is, it’s an organic solid makeup brush cleanser that magically melts makeup residue, dead skin, oils and bacteria right off of your brushes. Not only are the brush cleaners amazing, but they smell absolutely fantastic, and they’re custom made with the most adorable designs you’ve ever seen! So whether you want this cleanser or another one, just trust me when I say you must try S+S products!

So why is Sweet momma Sue’s Ms. Giraffe so special? The creator’s Mother in Law of almost 18 years, Sweet Momma Sue, is currently battling Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. While their hearts are extremely heavy, they wanted to create a special design specifically in her honor. She LOVES giraffes, so what better design to capture her spirit animal in one of their Swirl + Sparkle designs. In addition, with each purchase of this brush cleaner, 20% of the proceeds will go to the organization of her choice.



Amazing product, amazing tribute! How can you go wrong? Each S+S product is hand poured and hand assembled with lots of TLC! You can choose from two scents Toasted Marshmallow and Tropical Oasis! Both scents are incredible, but I went for Tropical Oasis. It’s soooo amazing! I remember when I first used S+S my entire house smelled amazing and it was all because I was washing my brushes!



So how do you use S+S? Pretty much like you would a bar of soap! Moisten the product with some water and swirl your brush around until it lathers. Keep in mind that with first use, it may be difficult to obtain that wonderful lather. But have no fear, after a few extra swirls of the brush, you will notice the suds and you’ll watch the residue on your brushes practically melt away! One of my favorite parts (besides the incredibly adorable design), is the Sugar Diamonds lid! Once the brush is lathered, I like to take it and swirl it across the diamonds. It’s there to deep clean your brushes and it makes all the difference in the world!





Swirl + Sparkle products are absolutely unique and amazing, but this one is truly special! If you have the opportunity to try this cleanser, or any S+S products, I highly recommend it!

The Swirl + Sparkle Swirl + Sparkle Sweet Momma Sue’s Ms. Giraffe is available at

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