Earth Therapeutics K-aesthetics Essential Beauty Masks

I’ve been loving sheet masks lately! I find a lot of them to be effective, and, let’s face it, the clean-up is a lot easier than some of those messier masks on the market. I’ve been really enjoying the Earth Therapeutics K-aesthetics Essential Beauty Masks, and I think they may have some of my favorite sheet masks!


I used the 5-pack sampler and I think that’s a great option for those who may not be sure what they’re looking for. While I enjoyed all of them, I certainly discovered a favorite, so it’s very helpful! Each sheet is made with non-irritating material and infused with a natural therapeutic serums that make the skin feel wonderful. Something I’ve disliked about the sheet masks of the past, are how ill-fitting they are. These masks cover the face perfectly. For me, they’re not too big, or too small, they fit just right. Additionally – even though they are drenched in the serum, they’re not slippery. I’ve worn masks and had to lay down for 20 minutes so they don’t move. These adhere to the face and stay secure, so you can be productive while indulging in some pampering. Let’s face it though… how productive are you going to be if you’re wearing one of these masks though? I take advantage of this time and just relax, but hey… that’s just me!


Disclaimer: Press sample. See end of post.

These sheet masks are eco-friendly and is made from 100% biodegradable plant pulp. The masks are quite delicate, so be sure to handle gently, or they will tear. Plant pulp is non-irritating, therefore, these masks are perfect for sensitive skin.


Here are the masks that came in the 5-pack sampler:

Nourishing Avocado Mask


This one is my favorite! This mask is great for moisturizing, replenishing, and reviving skin. Once applied, it was extremely cooling and my skin felt awakened. All the masks were wonderful, but as soon as I removed it from the skin, I noticed my skin was toned and looked bright! I want a whole pack of these because it was wonderful!

Refreshing Green Tea Mask


This is a great calming mask! It’s meant to sooth, revitalize, and hydrate the skin. I usually love masks, or any skin care product with green tea, so this product was no different. While it was cooling, it didn’t awaken the skin like the Avocado did, but I felt that it cooled and relaxed the skin. It was nice to wear after a long day!

Brightening Black Pearl Mask


I think I was most curious about this mask because Black Pearl is such a unique ingredient. This mask is meant to illuminate, tone, and lighten the skin, hence the Black Pearl. What I noticed almost instantly was the scent, as it smelled very luxurious. I did notice that my skin was toned, not as even as the Avocado mask, but it did have an illuminating effect, and like the Green Tea Mask, it was cooling, yet soothing and relaxing.

Rejuvenating Collagen Mask


I had a lot of thoughts about this one, because while the Avocado was my favorite, this one had a lot of effects on my skin that I’ve never felt before! This mask is meant to revitalize, sooth, and firm the skin. I’ve tried masks before with “firming” claims, and I always thought it did the trick, but I seriously felt some firming and tightening going on. It was so strange… in a good way! My skin has never felt that way and I liked it! The only thing that was different about this mask, as opposed to the other masks, is I felt it was a little sticky and took longer to absorb. It absorbed eventually, but it just took a bit longer. I was seriously impressed with the instant effects!

Soothing Aloe Vera Mask


This was another great mask, and I would love to have it on hand during the summer months! I could imagine having a sunburn, anywhere on the body, and cutting this up to heal the area. It was soooo cooling! This mask is meant to be calming, hydrating, and healing… and healing it was! Every time I get my brows waxed, I put aloe gel on the area to avoid redness. Instead of applying the gel, I decided to go home and use the mask. I went in with super red brows, but by the time I removed it, my skin was even, not as irritated, and I had little to no redness!

The Earth Therapeutics K-aesthetics Essential Beauty Masks 5-Pack Sampler is available on for $9.99. 

Disclaimer: I received these products from a PR company/manufacturer for review. Please visit my Disclosure page for more information.

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