Morphe x Deysi Danger Highlight Palette

If you’re a highlighter addict, like myself, the Morphe x Deysi Danger Highlight Palette is a must-have! I absolutely love Morphe! Their eye shadow palettes are amazing and for the price, you really get quality! So when I saw this highlighter palette, I knew I had to get it the day it was released… and I did!


To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t sure who Deysi Danger was when I was first introduced to this palette. To sum it up, she’s a very well known makeup artist, and a talented one at that!  I’m very, very bad with keeping up with big name makeup artists. Shame on me! Trust me when I say that if I had more time, I would be much more aware of these extremely gifted individuals! Anyways – this incredible makeup artist collaborated with Morphe to create a palette with shades that she’s been using for years! She created this palette so artists and beauty lovers alike, can mix and match with shades, creating soft, flawless looks, or intense glowing looks that are nearly blinding (I usually go for blinding!). This palette consists of 9 beautiful shades, two matte and seven shimmering shades, that are just lovely! The packaging is similar to all Morphe palette, it’s black and sleek, perfect for travel. The box is gold and holographic and just beautiful! I am keeping this box because it’s so gorgeous! I thought that the palette itself was going to have the gold holographic design, although I’m not sure why I thought that. No post indicated that the palette was going to be different from the rest, so I pretty much just confused myself. Regardless, what’s more important is what’s inside!




The shades are amazing! There is a fantastic variety of shades that you can mix and match and they are extremely pigmented! The first two matte shades are very buttery and blend seamlessly. The other seven shimmering shades are intense! Some are a bit more powdery than others, but not enough for me to make a big stink out of it! When you swatch with your finger, you may notice some fallout, but picking the powder up with a brush, you experience little to no fall-out. I love all the shades, as they are fantastic for a variety of skin tones! I, personally, like the yellow/golden shade on the top row to the right, the light pink shade in the very middle, and the golden shade on the bottom left. All the shades are beautiful, but those are the shades I tend to gravitate towards the most.


I was not expecting to love the light pink shade as much as I do. I’m not into pink highlighters, or anything pink on my face for that matter (you’re lucky I even use blush!). But it has a stunning, subtle iridescence and it’s quite lovely. The other pink shade is not my cup of tea. The very deep bronze/copper shade in the bottom right-hand corner is absolutely amazing! For my fair skin, it’s not a highlight shade for me, but more of an eyeshadow. However, on deeper skin tones, it’s going to be amazing!


Bottom line, this palette is amazing and I can confidently say it’s a must-have! I did a whole first impressions and swatch party on my SnapChat, and while I would usually export that and upload it to Hello Miss Niki Beauty Snaps Channel, I completely forgot, and now the Snaps are gone. I’m so bummed! But if you can get your hands on this palette, I highly recommend it! And for the price, how can you go wrong?

The Morphe x Deysi Danger Highlight Palette is available at for $25.00. 

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