The Makeup Show NYC 2016 Recap

As mentioned in my Blogger Preview Recap, The Makeup Show NYC was another wonderful success! Not only was I introduced to new brands and learned about some new fantastic products, but I got to spend some time with my two close friends, Carla (Fashion Maven Mommy) and Judy (Beauty Judy). I had such a great weekend and I want to tell you all about it, so be warned… this is a very wordy and photo heavy post. ENJOY!


I got up super early, bright eyed and bushy tailed (well… sort of…) on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Carla and I met at the NY Waterway, got into our Uber and headed straight for the Metropolitan Pavilion. Luckily, due to the rain, the organizers of the show were letting the line start inside, so we got lucky! Carla and I were press for the show, so we had a separate line, but the place was packed, as usual! It’s quite overwhelming at first, as there is so many people in what seems like such a tight space, but once the show was in full swing, it actually didn’t seem as crowded as the year before. As we waited on line, Judy joined us and we chatted a bit before the doors opened and we were on our way. We lost Judy in the chaos of the crowd, which was expected, and Carla and I tried to stick together the majority of the time.



I will say that I had a much better time this year, than I did last year. Last year it was almost too crazy and I left very, very early. Walking around and exploring with Carla was so much fun and having a friend with you makes a world of a difference. We talk about brands, products, makeup artists, and it’s just nice to have someone there who has the same game plan as you do. Neither of us attended any of the keynotes or business forums, as we both went to the show with the intention of leaving early due to non-blogger obligations. There were a few presentations I would have loved to sit in on, but there was just no time. Maybe next year. This year, rather than network like a crazy person, which is what I usually do, I just sat back and enjoyed myself. I walked around, introduced myself to a few brands, but they meet so many bloggers throughout the few days, understandably, you could be forgotten. I made quick introductions, exchanged cards, and went on my way. I really did just take the time to enjoy the craziness of beauty lovers and industry professionals around me and photographed so many incredibly stunning products, both familiar and unfamiliar. Additionally – Carla and I did some shopping, as the deals seemed better than ever! Bottom line, we both had a fantastic time.

As soon as you walk into the venue, Smashbox is set up to the right. They always have such an amazing display, but surprisingly enough I didn’t buy anything this year. The sale prices were amazing, but I controlled myself more this year than any of the past years (applause for Niki!).



Immediately after passing the Smashbox booth, Carla and I ran over to Make Up For Ever, which wasn’t quite crowded yet. Which was great because I got to make my quick purchase, and Carla got color matched for a new concealer. Any later in the day and that wouldn’t have been possible. That booth gets insane rather quickly!






While Carla was making her purchase, I walked around the general area to snap some pics and meet new people. I stopped at the Urban Decay booth, which was surprisingly small. I don’t recall seeing them on the exhibitor list, so perhaps they were a last minute addition. I did speak to one of their PR people and since Urban Decay had so many incredible launches this year, I wanted to know what her favorite was. As expected, it was the Gwen Stefani x UD collaboration! So we had a bit to talk about as a Gwen fan, myself. I got to see the Alice Through The Looking Glass palette which is so beautiful in person. The packaging is absolutely stunning!




I also took a look at Inglot, and although I didn’t purchase anything or speak to anyone, I’m always so intrigued by their displays. So much to choose from and so much color. It’s a beautiful booth to look at.





Lastly – while waiting – I took a quick look at bdellium tools, a company that has some of the best brushes out there! I have so many brushes, so I really didn’t check out what was new (again – tried to control myself), but their booth is always a hit!



As soon as Carla was finished, we passed by the Alcone booth, which had tons of products to choose from. I absolutely love Bioderma and they had such awesome prices, I grabbed a full size and got a travel size for free. I usually use the original, but I decided I wanted to try the one that keeps your skin more moisturized (the Hydrabio). As expected, I love it! And what a deal!


The booth that was on the top of my list was Kat Von D Beauty! I absolutely love her makeup and the display was amazing. I didn’t buy anything because I pretty much have all the products I would have wanted, but Carla and I got to sit in a throne of giant KVD Liquid Lipsticks. As a Game of Thrones Fan and makeup addict, this was heavenly! And can we talk about that chandelier??? I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!







Once we finished at KVD, we walked around the second floor. I passed by MustaeV, one of my favorite brands! I work with them often and love their products. I didn’t see the woman I usually speak with, so I just stopped by and snapped some photos of their amazing brushes and eye shadows. I also swung by LIT Cosmetics and marveled at their selection of glitters! I was hypnotized!





After finishing the second floor rather quickly, we ran down to the NARS booth. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too crowded. It was very strange… there was not a long wait at any of the booths. No complaints here! I got to see the Summer Collection up close it it was beautiful! Another brand with a gorgeous display of colors and products. We spoke with a rep who was so kind! Everyone at the booth was just awesome! And did you know that NARS has candles?! I had no idea! They smelled absolutely amazing!




While Carla stuck around at NARS for a bit, I checked out Senna Cosmetics. An awesome brand who sells my absolute favorite brow brush! I also noticed Static Nails, a brand I haven’t heard of before, but they had some gorgeous re-usable press on nails. Definitely a brand I need to learn more about. I also stopped by Kevyn Aucoin. I bought his second book Face Forward, which has been out for awhile, but since Making Faces was my first ever introduction into professional makeup, I had to have his second book. I honestly can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner. But it’s now mine and all is good in the world!








After that we just finished up the first floor, stopped at Besame and checked out their amazing products. I had to stop at Breakups to Makeups and impress them with my B2M clutch! What an amazing group of ladies and the founder was the sweetest woman at the show! I stopped at Amika, a hair care brand that I am relatively unfamiliar with. However, I managed to splurge and pick up their Pro Cloud Force Hair Dryer for an amazing price! The dryer is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in terms of design and it is absolutely amazing! I won’t give too much away, as I’ll be doing a review. Also – have you ever heard of Dry Conditioner? Well – they have it! I managed to pick that up as well and I’m super excited to give it a try!





The highlight of the show was the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics booth. I always have to stop by and check out their nail polishes! It’s one of my favorite photos I take every year during the entire show. The array of colors is absolutely beautiful and I always end up grabbing a few. While at the booth, a guy started talking to me, and I knew in my gut it was David Klasfeld, founder of OCC. He looked so familiar, but I didn’t say anything and then he brought it up and I was starstruck! I think I held my composure, but I couldn’t help but tell him how wonderful his brand is and how much I was a big fan. I was a total fan girl at that moment. But let me tell you – he is one of the nicest, most genuine, kindest guy in the industry. He took the time to chat with me and Carla and sat back thanking us for being such huge supporters. He was absolutely amazing! He gifted me two beautiful nail polishes, and I’m so grateful! After I paid for my purchase, I asked if I could take a quick photo with him and he was more than happy to! He gave me a big hug afterwards and it was the best moment of the weekend! Just meeting someone so genuine and down to earth who loves what they do is just so amazing. I’ll never forget that awesome moment!





Here are a few other booths I passed during my Makeup Show NYC journey:






There are a few booths I missed. I briefly stopped at Eve Pearl to say hi to some of the ladies, but they were kind of busy and I couldn’t really get good shots of the table. I usually stop at Hakuhodo to drool over the expensive brushes that I want but will probably never have (LOL). The Tarte booth was upstairs, but like UD, the selection seemed quite limited. There were more booths I missed, but these were some of the top ones that were of interest to me.


What I picked up at the show!

OMG! This is the longest blog post in HMN history! I should have broken it up into two parts, but figured I would keep it all in one. Even if you don’t read about my experience, I certainly hope you enjoy all the photos! A special thank you to The Makeup Show NYC for having me at both the Blogger Preview and show on Sunday! I had an absolute blast! And a huge thank you and shout out to my girls, Carla and Judy! You two make The Makeup Show NYC even more amazing and I love you both!


The Makeup Show 2016

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