DIY Beauty Recipe: Lavender Sea Salt + Shea Butter Body Scrub

“I’m obsessed with DIY beauty recipes…especially when they call for natural and pure ingredients,” reveals Melissa Quin, creator of style, wellness and fitness blog

“This sea salt scrub recipe is perfect for summer. I mean, doesn’t sea salt just scream summer? My recipe has three ingredients — shea butter, sea salt, and coconut oil. It’s such a simple recipe…just mix all the ingredients together and seal it in a jar. I use this body scrub once a week in the shower. I apply it on my skin gently then wash it off. When I get out of the shower, I moisturize right away. And there you have it! Silky, smooth, and hydrated skin.”

Recipe Essentials:

Step 1: Using your spoon, place 1 part shea butter and 1 part coconut oil on the plate. “I used Out of Africa’s Lavender Pure Shea Butter. It’s 100% pure, unrefined, and is hand harvested in Africa. I picked lavender because it adds a nice scent and in aromatherapy, lavender is relaxing and calming.”


Step 2: Add on the 3-4 parts sea salt to the plate and slowly start to mix the ingredients together. “We’ve all heard so much about the skin benefits of coconut oil. So, I love pairing coconut oil with shea butter. I like to think it adds even more benefits. Why sea salt? We all know about how I love using natural exfoliants to brush away dead skin.”


Step 3: Carefully transfer all 3 ingredients to the jar and thoroughly mix everything together to finish.


Disclosure: Out Of Africa provided Melissa Quinn with shea butter and fine ground sea salt to create this scrub. She is not a skin expert, She just wanted to share what works for her. Consult with your doctor for seeking diagnoses, medical advice, skin care advice, treatment, and etc.

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