Smart Bomb Cosmetics Foundation, Highlighter & Blush

Awhile back I noticed this fabulous company called Smart Bomb Cosmetics. We followed each other on Instagram and I was really drawn to their photos; bright colors, gorgeous ladies and enticing products. One day, Laura, the beautiful owner of Smart Bomb Cosmetics reached out to me wondering if I would try out some of their products. I immediately said yes and I believe that was the beginning of a lovely professional friendship. She sent me a bunch of items to try out and today I want to talk to you about the Smart Bomb Cosmetics Blow Your Cover Mineral Pressed Foundation, Hollywood Glow Highlighter & Illuminator and Make Me Blush Pressed Mineral Blush.


First and foremost, let me say that the packaging for ALL of Smart Bomb Cosmetics products are simply gorgeous! They’re fun, chic and just gorgeous to look at!


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move onto the review!

Blow Your Cover Mineral Pressed Foundation ($26.00)


The Blow Your Cover Mineral Pressed Foundation is fantastic. I’ve laid off of putting a powder over my liquid foundation, but most recently began doing it again in order to set my makeup. This particular foundation has 7 different shades, three of the foundations having a tri-color powder that enables you to adjust your foundation in order to give you a perfect glow.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first because I don’t really use pressed powder, but I gave it a shot the other night and I was blown away! I applied it all over my skin and it gave my skin tone the perfect balance of light, yet bronzed glow. When I say “bronzed” I don’t mean shimmery, orange/gold, I mean the right balance of brown that I would typically use as a contour since I am so fair skinned.

Bottom line, it applied beautifully, gave me a fresh, non-cakey appearance and is perfect for when I’m not in the mood to look so dang pale!

Hollywood Glow Highlighter & Illuminator ($28.00)


I’ve said it many times before… I adore highlighter! It’s one of the most beautiful products you could apply to your face to make you look radiant! Smart Bomb sent me the Hollywood Glow Highlighter & Illuminator in Naked, which is perfect for my skin tone! At first glance the shade is very pink and you may wonder how it looks as a highlighter. However, the pink is very sheer, has very little color, yet it’s pearlescent glow is simply gorgeous! I didn’t put it all over my cheekbones, forehead and nose, like I usually do with a highlighter because although the pink is quite sheer, I wanted it on the apples of my cheek only. However, I put a bit over my blush and it gave me just enough of that radiant glow I was looking for. Not to mention, the light reflects off of the product beautifully!


Make Me Blush Pressed Mineral Blush ($26.00)


I have issues finding the perfect blush. I’m very fair so anything too bright or too dark makes me look like a clown! I was sent the Make Me Blush Pressed Mineral Blush shade in Warm Pink and at first I thought it was a bit intense for me. I blended it out with a beauty blender and all was good in the world! To me, the shade was not really pink, but more of a warm, coral shade, but I certainly do like it. I think it is a great color for Fall actually since that is when I tend to go a tad warmer with my makeup. Three different shades are available, so I think I’ll try to get my hands on Cool Rose since it’s a bit more up my alley.

One of the perks to this blush? It is infused anti-aging like Jojoba Oil in order to give life to the skin. And that it does! It’s long lasting and very pigmented to be careful when you apply it to your cheeks. Make sure you start very light and then build upon it!



Brow Pencil ($18.00)


I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Smart Bomb Cosmetics Brow Pencil! It’s one of the best brow pencils I’ve used in a long time and I am very happy with it! Niki has spoken!

So there you have it! I really have become a fan of this brand! Great products, beautiful packaging… what more can I ask for! I have some more products to tell you guys about, so be sure to stay tuned!

Smart Bomb Cosmetics is available online at!

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