Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 from L’Oreal Paris

As I was browsing through Harmon Face Values a few weeks back out of boredom, I spotted the NEW Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 from L’Oreal Paris. I’m not usually into drugstore nail polishes that claim to last a full 7-14 days like a professional gel mani, but since I’m an adventurous son-of-a-gun, I figured I would give it a shot!
“Introducing our exclusive 3-step nail system for spectacular nails like you’ve never seen before. New L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque provides high-gloss, and resilient shine while protecting nail color from dings, dents and scratches. Get the high-shine of a UV-Gel and the perfect nail shape without harmful UV rays.” – L’Oreal Paris Website
So how does it work? Quite simple actually!
1) Apply the Gel Primer to clean nails. The primer will instantly make the nail smooth and flawless for application.
2) Apply the Gel Color. Here is where the bad news comes in (well… not terrible news). I needed to apply 3 coats! The directions say to apply two, but the polish was way too sheer and I wanted the color to pop a bit more. I don’t mind applying three coats of polish, I just prefer two like most individuals.

Coat #1

Coat #2 (with a teeny-tiny boo boo)

Three coats without the glaze (I accidentally messed up the middle nail)
3) Apply the Gel Glaze. I really loved this glaze! It made my nails dry super quick and provided awesome shine!
So overall… how was the manicure? Well… the color was gorgeous and the shine was incredible, so A+ right there. It did last four days, which isn’t bad for me because I usually chip my nails around the second day or so to any manicure. Then again, L’Oreal doesn’t give a duration as to how long the polish will last. I usually assume when I hear  the word “gel” in any type of manicure, that it will last at least 7-days, but that’s just me. Since L’Oreal didn’t promise me a time frame, I’m not going to get all tied up in false statements, because technically there isn’t any.
Anywho… I really did like my manicure. Although I had to apply three coats, I can certainly let that slide. This is one of those systems, where if I wanted to go through a weekend guaranteeing no chips in my nails, I would use this set.
The L’Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 retails for $7.99 and comes in 21 gorgeous shades! I can certainly see myself picking up a few more of these, so check my Instagram to see what color I decide to try next!

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  1. I JUST picked up and looked at this at Target yesterday! Put it down and walked away because I am so in love with my Revlon ColorStay base and top coats (with the ColorStay polishes or any other polish). A week is a given and I’m hard pressed to give that up! 2 days was my old max…


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