Tat2u Lip Extremes…Don’t Mind If I Do!!!

Boy, have things been crazy! I’ve either been too busy to think or too tired to review. I certainly can’t complain though! Things are going extremely well for me right now; and although I may not be writing as much, just know that I still adore writing reviews for you lovely readers.
Today, I am going to tell you a little bit about Tat2u Lip Extremes! You may recall me raving about Tat2u’s 2 Cover U Extreme Cover Creame a few months back (see full review HERE)! I’m convinced that big things are going to happen for this company because I enjoy these lip creams just as much as I enjoy my cover up cream! While these products were sent to me for my review and evaluation, I am certainly not letting that cloud my judgment. I do, in fact, love these lippies!
I am finding that more and more companies are coming out with lip products like these. Companies market these products as applying like a lip gloss, looking like a lipstick and it always shines, shines, SHINES! However, although companies may attempt to obtain that versatile effect, some have not succeeded like Tat2u has. The Tat2u Lip Extremes apply beautifully and are packed will color! The shades are gorgeous, extremely pigmented and not sticky! JACKPOT!
Bright / Funky Shades
Subtle /  Neutral Shades
Swatches started to get a little cruddy! What can I say…I was getting tired :P
Right now, Tat2u only sells 6 lip shades, and while I may not sport a few of them on a daily basis (i.e. Mucho Caliente & LOL), they are certainly gorgeous! Hearts & Flowers has to be my absolute favorite! I love indulging in bright red lipstick every now and then (more like several times a week), so this shade is just perfect. Sometimes I really hate putting on a lipliner, following up with a lipstick and then topping it all off with a gloss. It can be too much! No matter what, I always apply a lipliner, just to ensure long-lasting color, but one quick sweep across the lips with Tat2u Lip Extremes and you’re good to go! I just love it!
You can purchase Tat2u Lip Extremes on the Tat2u website for $18.00.
FYI: Tat2u was at IMATS NYC in April!!! Perhaps they will be there in 2014??? We shall see!!! Fingers crossed!!
Have you tried any Tat2u products???
Which of these Tat2u Lip Extremes are you curious to try?

5 Responses to “Tat2u Lip Extremes…Don’t Mind If I Do!!!”

  1. I’ve never heard of that brand, but the color is very pretty, makes me want to try it…nice review dear <3

  2. They look like really great products! All the shades look gorgeous but I have to say that the hot pink and bright orange look the most amazing!


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