Planning to Get My Glitter On With LIT Cosmetics

I am so excited for April 6! Why??? Hellooooo…IMATS NEW YORK, BABY!!! This will be my first time at IMATS and I am really looking forward to meeting new people and, of course, SHOPPING!!! I checked out the Exhibitor List on the IMATS website and noticed that LIT Cosmetics was going to be there! I am really excited because although I have yet to try LIT Cosmetics, I have heard nothing but incredible things about their products.
I decided to reach out to LIT Cosmetics, just to say hello, introduce myself and tell them that I am looking forward to meeting them at IMATS. So far, they have been great, and the owner, Ms. Glitter herself, reached out to me to extend an introduction and fill me in on a few things that LIT has been up to lately. It all very exciting, of course, and I am extremely happy for the success of their company! I figured that I would fill you in as well, just in case you are looking to stroll down a glitter lined road sometime.
First of all…have you heard? LIT Cosmetics is now being used by Cirque du Soleil! I have never seen Cirque du Soleil, but I know it’s amazing, and this accomplishment is a big deal! Furthermore, Temptalia (ohhh I just love her), has given them the title of Best Glitter Eyeshadow of 2013; and has named the Clear Liquid Glitter Base as the Best High-End Beauty Tool of 2013. Pretty cool, huh?
If you are heading to IMATS New York, be sure to look out for LIT Cosmetics, at Booth #206. They will have 110 shades, with 10 NEW featured colors to add to the glitter spectrum! And seriously…look what we all have to look forward to!
Come on…towers of glitter…HELLOOOO!!!! It’s practically heavenly! So if you’re at IMATS NYC, go check out their booth! If you can’t make it, they will also be at The Makeup Show in early May at Booth #2A2! Check them out! I’m sure you won’t regret it!
Here is a little bit of glittery prettiness for you gorgeous people on this fine Sunday!!!
Photo Source: LIT Cosmetics
So who is going to IMATS NYC?
Will I be seeing you there?

4 Responses to “Planning to Get My Glitter On With LIT Cosmetics”

  1. I’ve heard of this brand after searching for some glitter pigments… Always wondered if they were really good quality. I wish I could attend IMATS! Sounds like so much fun. :)

  2. I LOVE LIT! Their glitters are absolutely perfect& their clear liquid base is perfection. Maybe we’ll run into each other at their booth! :)


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