NEW Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Resort Palette

Like most Sigma Products, I was counting down the days for the Resort Paletterelease! I have seen little sneak peeks here and there and each time I got a glimpse of the palette I became more excited. On March 18, this gorgeous limited edition palette was released and I made sure to get my hands on it ASAP! I pretty much stalked the website the morning it launched and last week I finally had this baby in my hands!
The Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Resort Palette contains a stunning collection of high-quality and pigmented products including:
  •          8 Eyeshadows: Muse, Fawn, Luna, Topaz, Papaya, Moonbeam, Neela and Midori
  •          1 Blush: Heavenly
  •          1 Liquid Highlighter: Luminesce
  •          1 Dual-ended Eye Liner Pencil: Daydream & Earth Goddess
This palette is lovely and perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer season. At first the eyeshadow shades may look a bit intimidating, however, the fact that the palette includes neutral shades like Muse and Fawn, makes this palette very versatile, enabling you to play up or tone down fun looks!
Inspired by exotic Caribbean islands, the eyeshadow shades in this palette are incredible! All are very pigmented and unique in their own way. Fawn and Luna are gorgeous to wear alone during the summertime when wearing less makeup is a much more appealing; and Neela and Midori scream Bahamas, Grand Cayman and even Aruba! There is something about Midori that just gets me! I went through a Midori Sour phase and this shade is so much fun, and actually brings back fun memories for me!
From the left: Muse, Fawn, Luna, Topaz
From the left: Papaya, Moonbeam, Neela, Midori
The blush, Heavenly, is very pretty! It may not be my “go-to” blush or my favorite just because I am not sure the tone works too well with my fair skin, but during the summer when I hopefully get a bit more color, I think it will work beautifully.
I was especially excited about the liquid highlighter. I have a thing for products like this and this shade has a gorgeous light bronze/golden shimmer that I just love! I wish that the applicator was a bit larger and the brush a bit thicker, so I could get more product out at once, but I’m certainly not complaining. I would usually apply liquid highlighter with a duo fibre brush like the F55 from Sigma or a dampened beauty blender.
The dual-ended pencil is very pretty. It is very rare that I wear any shade other than a black, beige or navy, but I am always willing to try new things. Daydream, the ocean blue shade, is perfect to add a pop of color to any look; and Earth Goddess…well you could pretty much use that one for anything! I’m usually not into brown pencils unless they are really dark, but this one is really pretty and with the right look, I think I can pull it off.
Top: Earth Goddess
Bottom: Daydream
Bottom line, like most (if not all), Sigma products, I love this palette. From the variety of products in the palette to the gorgeous packaging design, I am so happy that I have this palette in my possession and I will try my best to incorporate these shades into my summer looks! This palette makes me wish I could be back in Punta Cana on my honeymoon!

Alright…enough vacation pictures…I’m getting anxious to go back!!!

The Sigma Beauty Resort Paletteis a limited edition item and is sold on the Sigma Beauty website for $42.00. If you are interested, get yours here and SAVE 10% through March 31stwith code SAVE2013.
* Once March ends, check back on my blog, as I usually post the discount code on my side bar or the footer of my page.
Will you be trying the Sigma Resort Palette?
What color is catching your attention?

32 Responses to “NEW Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Resort Palette”

  1. beautiful colors, definitely reminds me of a resort – which is a good thing and the swatches look great.

    aww your vacation pictures are gorgeous!! (that’s why I had to comment haha it’s mid week on a morning and wish I was on a beach lol)

    Miranda M | Pretty Squared

  2. I Know I’m in the minority here but I hate Sigma. I think the colors can be duped by most if not all drugstore brands most of the time. I think the staying power is good, at best and I’d rather have great.

    I also think their customer service sucks, which their owner proved during her Instagram meltdown where she pretty much freaked on on actual customers. So I just cant’t get behind them.

    (This is in no way a reflection of how I feel about you and your blog <3) That brand just makes me twitchy.


    • Haha…I appreciate the last bit about the reflection on my blog. You actually made my day with that one. Although I value any and all opinions, good or bad, some people could be downright rude! Not you…NEVER…you’re such a sweetheart :)

      I have never had an issue with their customer service…I’m so sorry to hear that you did. Customer Service is a big deal to me, which is why I became a Julep Maven. I know it is totally off topic from the post, but the Julep customer service was fantastic and I wanted to become a member. I can see how a bad experience could completely turn you off. If I love a product and all of a sudden I had a customer service issue, I would have to find another brand because I would just hate to promote a company that didn’t appreciate their customers. Therefore, I know where you are coming from!

      Thanks for you input! I appreciate it :)

  3. This palette looks gorgeous!! it’s perfect for summer <3
    I just got a Sigma single eyeshadow today and the quality is outstanding!

    You photos are beautiful, so are you :)

  4. Your honeymoon photos look amazing! The palette is very pretty and the colours are so vibrant, i wish i suited more colours like that, i would definitely buy it if i did!

    • Yeah…I have to start being more bold and brave because the shades are so fun to wear!

  5. Oh my gosh :O That palette looks AMAZING!!!
    I especially love Fawn, Topaz, Papaya, Moonbeam, Neela and Midori :)
    THANK YOU so much for wanting to follow my blog :) It means a whole lot to me :) Im also following you through GFC, Im quite a long way back.. lost count of the pages 😀

  6. I haven’t tried any of sigmas products yet, but this looks amazingggg. I’ve also heard great things about their brushes.


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