Laura Geller Spackle Neutralizer Color-Correcting Under Makeup Primer

I love Laura Geller makeup! Besides the fabulous, high quality cosmetics, Laura Geller herself looks like the sweetest woman alive and what’s not to love about that? I reviewed the Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten a few weeks ago and loved it, so I knew I was going to love the Laura Geller Spackle Neutralizer Color-Correcting Under Makeup Primer (now that’s a mouthful)! I figured I will probably love everything that Laura Geller has to offer moving forward.

I used to use one primer and one primer only and now I am a primer freak! I love trying new primers and alternating between my favorites, and now the LG Spackle Neutralizer has been added to that list! While I do have smooth skin, I must say, I do have boughts of redness. It all depends on the morning, how I feel and slept and I am sure that most of you go through the same thing. This is an award winning face primer that now has color-correcting benefits. When I put this stuff on, my face is transformed and I feel that my foundation goes on smoother and covers my redness better than any other primer I own.
This primer is a lightweight-silicone formula that helps your makeup stay on for hours. I am wearing it today and I just looked in the mirror and my makeup hasn’t moved! It has a subtle peach undertone which is meant to help skin imperfections. And listen to this…it is oil-free, paraben-free and contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Mallow Flower, Marigold Extracts and Centella Asiatica and White Tea antioxidants, which helps protect the skin from what the environment. Clearly, I have no idea what most of these things are, but they sound pretty dang cool and if you Google them, many fantastic benefits are listed! Seriously…what’s not to love?
So can you tell that I think this stuff is amazing? The Spackle Neutralizer Color-Correcting Under Makeup Primer is a tad expensive, retailing at $30.00, but you have to pay up if you want quality. Yes, there are primers that are cheaper and quite good, but I totally think this product is worth it! You can find this product and all other Laura Geller cosmetics at at, and select Ulta stores.
Have you tried the Laura Geller Primers?
What are your favorite Laura Geller products?

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  1. The first primer I ever used was the original spackle formula. I love it. I can’t wait for Laura to do a TSV on QVC including this one!

    • Oooo I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t like to hear when one of my followers have trouble finding products.


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