Smokey vs. Natural? The NEW NYX Cosmetics Smokey & Natural Palettes

Tell me…what floats your boat? What makes your merry go round? What flies your flag? Ok…perhaps I should stop with the corny metaphors. So what do you prefer…smokey or natural? The NEW NYX Cosmetics Smokey and Natural Palette gives you that choice! Whether you desire a dark, sultry look or a fresh and natural look, these palettes are extremely versatile to create everyday looks. NYX Cosmetics, was once again, kind enough to send me these palettes for my review. So what knocks my socks off? Let’s see!
The Smoky and Natural Shadow Palette both contain 6 eyeshadow shades. The Smokey Palette is meant to create a sexy and sultry look, with shades that can be worn alone or blended together to create a day or night look. The Natural Palette is meant to create more of a “no-makeup” look that you can wear all the time, wherever you are!
I am obsessed with NYX eyeshadows and have been for quite awhile now. I will admit…the shadows are a hit or miss for me. When I find good ones…I stick with them and swear by them! Some, however, tend to be chalky and lacks color payoff.
Both of these palettes are so gorgeous! I obviously have them both, but I also gave my sister the palettes and she is absolutely in love with them! The best part…these palettes are only $7.00! Each palette has every shade you need to create your desired look and for the quality and price, you really can’t go wrong.
Oh…and for the record…I prefer smokey
Which palette do you prefer?

16 Responses to “Smokey vs. Natural? The NEW NYX Cosmetics Smokey & Natural Palettes”

  1. The smokey palette is my favorite! I absolutely love the depth of the shades. Thanks for sharing, Niki! :)

  2. I like smokey palettes but I don’t understand why so many include a navy blue shade. I would prefer grey! Is there a reason for this that I just don’t know of?


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