Zoya Nail Polish Haul

It’s all Glossybox’s fault! When they included the Zoya Nail Polish in Storm in my December box, I became addicted to Zoya! I needed more! I placed an order with them just before the holidays and received a color chart booklet. Because I am a crazy lady, I googled imaged all of the shades I was interested in and circled them. Yup…CRAZY! It was a good thing I was prepared!
Zoya Nail Polish Haul
One ordinary day, my good friend, Autty W, tweeted me, informing me all about the Zoya GET 3 FREE promotion. I figured there had to be a catch, but there wasn’t! It was true! So what did I do? The day the promo code was live, I logged onto Zoya and ordered 6 new nail polishes, and as promised, 3 were FREE! Due to my excitement, I wanted to share some swatches with you all! ENJOY!!!
Zoya Nail Polish Blair
Blair – Blackened Red w/ subtle hints of Purple Shimmer
Zoya Nail Polish Isla
Isla – Rich Cool Toned Blackened Red Shimmer
Zoya Nail Polish Jem
Jem – Dark Red Toned Purple w/ Pink Highlights & Subtle Duochrome Specks
Zoya Nail Polish Ibiza
Ibiza – Blackened Indigo Blue w/ Metallic Shimmer
Zoya Nail Polish Stacy
Stacy – Dark Raspberry Creame w/ Purple Undertones
Zoya Nail Polish Charisma
Charisma – Ultra Bright Neon Magenta/Red Toned Purple Creame
Yes! I just love them all! My nail polish addiction keeps growing day, by day and fabulous sales like this work extremely well for me. Thanks Zoya for the amazing deal!
Are you a Zoya fan?
Did you take advantage of this sale?
What is your favorite Zoya shade?

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  1. Welcome to the Zoya Obsessive Club. In your next order, you should definitely pick up Neeka, a polish that absolutely blew my mind. And I’m so jealous you have Charisma!


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