Urban Decay Basics Palette

I have both the original UD Naked and Naked 2 Palettes, so how could I not purchase the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette? It wouldn’t be right…unfair even! Thanks to Sephora, I was determined to get my free birthday gift with purchase, so…I ordered this palette as a birthday gift to myself! Yes…I know…there are so many reviews out about this palette already, but I love it so much and had to share my thoughts with the world…yes…the world! ENJOY!!!

Urban Decay Naked Basics
Urban Decay Naked Basics OPEN
Urban Decay Naked Basics BACK
First of all, this palette is cute as a button! It’s so tiny, and if someone didn’t know the reputation and quality of Urban Decay, they probably would have been shocked that it was $27.00! But fear not…it is totally worth it! Although just as tiny as my iPhone, the packaging is extremely durable and very convenient. I find my palette to be a tad difficult to open, but I am not sure if I just have a defective case or if I am a complete spaz. Either way, I don’t care…I love the palette too much to complain about how to open the case.
Urban Decay Naked Basics SIZE
Urban Decay has to be the King of Palettes, and although they have released tons over the years, this is their first matte palette (except for the shade Venus, but I’ll explain later). Basics features six gorgeously “Naked” neutral shades, four of them being brand new to the UD collection! All of the shadows are highly pigmented and very soft…as expected from Urban Decay. The one downside I find with UD makeup is that theres a lot of fallout to their shadows. However, I love all of the shadows enough not to let it bother me. I wish fallout was my biggest issue in life!
Urban Decay Naked Basics SHADOWS
Here are some swatches and descriptions of these six incredible shades!
Urban Decay Naked Basics SWATCHES
Venus* (NEW) – White/Beige Shimmer
Foxy – Ivory/Yellow Matte
Walk of Shame – Nude Matte
Naked 2 (NEW) – Taupe Matte
Faint (NEW) – Warm, Light Brown Matte
Crave (NEW) – Deep Black/Brown Matte
* Although known as UD’s first matte palette, yes, there is one shade that has some shimmer. Venus has very little shimmer and is perfect as a highlighting shade! It is my new favorite shimmer shadow!
Between the size, the shades and the overall quality, this palette is a must have! It is perfect for travel, has all of the shades you need to create a versatile, everyday look!
Have you tried the Naked Basics Palette?
What is your favorite Urban Decay Palette?

34 Responses to “Urban Decay Basics Palette”

  1. This is great for travelling but I think they could have swapped one of the lighter shades for a darker one xx

  2. I almost picked this up the other day since I use the Matte shadows from the other 2 Naked palettes everyday. Im kicking myself now for not getting it. Next time:)

    Sara x

    • Yeah…if you prefer shimmer…this one is certainly not for you! The other Naked Palettes are incredible!

  3. I am loving this eyeshadow palette! I am super happy with it :) For a minimal eye look I like to apply walk of shame all over the lid area, naked 2 in the crease, and a pretty winged black eyeliner to complete the look. So pretty! It has been my go-to eye look, lately.

  4. Oh yay!!! This is music to my bare naked eyes! Can’t wait to try this!!! Could it be possible for every shade to be more awesome than the next? Yup.

  5. I’d get this but I feel like between my Naked 1 and Sonia kashuk matte palette I already have dupes for most of these :(

    • I admit…I have most of these shades. I just love the quality. I have seen the SK palette you are talking about and its lovely as well!

  6. Just got my naked basics palette today! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow, but yes I do agree that the packaging is quite difficult to open… Glad it’s not only me.

  7. Love my palette! I typically use foxy on my brow bones & venus on my inner corners. Totally loving the new formulation too! They all feel like velvet. xx


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