Osmo Straightening Fluid & Intensive Deep Repair Mask

My hair just loves to mess with me, especially when I want to straighten it. By now, you all know that I have naturally curly hair and complain about frizz on a daily basis. Good quality products is always the answer to my problems and Osmo seems to strike gold once again. I reviewed Osmo products about a month ago and had very positive things to say. This time was no different and I thank SFRbeauty for introducing me to some more great products.

When I want to straighten my hair, I need all the help I can get. I never seem to have a problem getting it the way I want it, but that is because I am sure to purchase products that actually work! Some serums may feel greasy, but this one is very lightweight and I just love that! It smells great, prevents frizz and makes my hair looks smooth, straight and shiny!
Who doesn’t love intense conditioning? I love it and use so many amazing products that gets the job done. This is a new one to add to my list of favorites. I have very dry hair because I always apply direct heat and need a lot of moisture. While this product didn’t necessarily transform my hair instantly, overall, it made my hair feel good. Like the Straightening Fluid, it helped make my hair looks shiny, less frizzy and most of all, healthy!
These products are really good and since I am constantly straightening my hair, they work great! I cannot wait to try some more products! If I do, I will write another post to keep you updated about what I think! If you are interested in purchasing Osmo products, be sure to head over to SFRbeauty!
Have you tried any Osmo Hair Products?
* I apologize for not taking photos. For some reason, it just slipped my mind :/

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  1. I’ve never heard of OSMO until I read this post, but I am always willing to try a hair mask because I have very dry hair as well.



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