2013 Nail Trends, Guest Post from Marcela De Vivo

For many women, nail colors and designs are a great way to express their creativity. Certain fashion trends may dictate where you should start when it comes to painting your nails.

In 2013, there are a few trends that designers seem to be going back to over and over again.Those trends are likely going to dominate retail sales in 2013, and you’ll likely see them everywhere.
2013 Nail Trends
My own stripped nails
Not Too Polished Stripes
Stripes have always been popular in fashion, but now they’re making their way into the world of nails as well. On the 2013 runways, many designers styled their models nails with one single stripe down the middle or more complicated multiple stripes. Most designers chose colors that were bold and bright – red and silver or yellow and black, for example.If you’re going to try this look out at home, try it with two bright colors first before getting into multiple stripes. Even if you’re a nail junkie, it can be harder to paint multiple stripes on your nails than you think. It’s also pretty time consuming.

Plain White

Hello Miss Niki White
My very own plain white nails
Plain white nails might seem pretty boring at first, but they’re actually pretty hard to pull off since nails can have a tendency to look yellow or off-white in a hurry. Plain white nails were a big trend for designers showing off their spring collections in Paris and New York.
While you may not be able to afford all of the high fashion pieces of clothing seen on the runways, this is definitely one trend you can afford to follow. Just make sure you apply your white polish on top of a clear coat so that the white doesn’t appear dingy or yellow.You’ll also want to make sure you remove the white polish after a few days so it doesn’t start to crack and chip, which will make your nails look much less appealing.

In 2013, two-toned nails are going to be very popular. On the runways, designers were using contrasting colors to make their models look more dramatic.
You might not want to pick something so dramatic for your day to day nail color. If that’s the case, choose complementary colors or bold colors that always pair well together like black and silver.
If you want to be really bold, try picking bright contrasting colors like yellow and orange. That’s the great thing about nail polish – you can always take it off and go back to your natural nails.

Mateji Ustvarjata Nail Design
beauty gnome nail design
katy stays polished nail design
Stacey WL Nail Design
Stacey WL
Designs on nails have never been as popular with designers as they were in shows spotlighting 2013 trends. While designs varied pretty wildly by designer, one thing you can say about all of the nail designs was that they’re very bold.
For example, designer Prabal Gurung painted a model’s nails with a design that was supposed to make her nails look like they were actually dripping blood. While that might sound a little grotesque to some, the results were actually very pretty and delicate.
If you’re creative, feel free to try out your own nail designs that work with what you’re wearing. You don’t have to stick to only ideas that designers used.
If you’re not so creative, find a good nail stylist to do the unique nail work for you. That will probably save you time and ensure great results as well.
Dark colors have always been somewhat popular among certain circles, but for 2013 shows, designers were using a lot of dark metallic colors. Blue-grey and charcoal were both very popular, but you don’t have to limit yourself to those colors.
If you want something very bold, consider a black nail with a light gold or silver shimmer. That will give you a unique, elegant look that can go from work to play in no time at all.
If you don’t want something quite as bold, choose a deep shade of blue or something more unique like hunter green. If you have a polish that you really want to use but it doesn’t have any shine, just add a layer of clear polish over the top to give the color a stylish effect.
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Note from Niki: Thank you Marcela De Vivo for writing this fabulous post for I for one am excited to see these trends take off in 2013! Furthermore, thank you to the incredible nail polish bloggers who contributed to this post! All of your designs are creative and gorgeous and I was a pleasure to collaborate with you all!

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