My Christmas Wish List!!!

Sure, I may be 25 years old, but I still always make a Christmas list! You are never to old to tell people what you want for the holidays, as it is always quite helpful! My husband always wants mine, he chooses what he wants to get me and then passes it onto the rest of the family. The holidays are certainly not all about the presents, but admit it, its quite the perk! I had a difficult time with my list this year because I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I have to thank my fellow beauty bloggers for posting fabulous reviews on products that I want, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself. So what’s on my list for this year??? Read more to find out! ENJOY!!!

  1. Clarosonic Mia Cleansing System (Garnet) – I cannot tell you how many positive things I have heard about this product and I am so curious to try it! Do I need the garnet, no…but red is my favorite color and it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  2. Lush Cosmetics – I just love my bath bombs! No, I am not asking for all the gift sets I showed in the graphic above, I chose Mrs. Frosty, Bunty Pink, With Love from Santa, Happy Bathday, Happy Christmas and the Art of Bathing gift sets for the gift giver to choose from.
  3. UGG Slippers – Within seconds of walking in the door, I take off my shoes and slip on my UGG slippers! I just love them, but unfortunately, I wore my current pair down to the bone.
  4. MAC Cosmetics Pro Lip Palette (Reds) – Like Lush, my MAC selections are on an either/or basis. I love reds, I love MAC, so why now throw in the Red Pro Lip Palette right?
  5. MAC Cosmetics Primped Out Lip Look Bag (Luxious Pink) – This set just looks so pretty and I love the packaging!
  6. Urban Decay Ocho Loco Eyeliner Set – I love Urban Decay Liners! They are my absolute favorite! I only have Perversion, but the rest of the colors (especially Mushroom) look amazing and for 8 liners you get a great deal!
  7. Lap Desk – No…I don’t want the laptop above, I want what it’s sitting on! I do all my blogging on my laptop while sitting on the couch and sometimes it can get uncomfortable. I think a lap desk with a funky pattern would certainly help this situation!
  8. Benefit Sexy Little Holiday Set – Initially, I only wanted Hoola, but I saw that it came in this cute little set, so I wanted to try it out with the rest of the products. I don’t have nearly as much Benefit as I should in this collection, so I thought it would be fun to try some other products out!
  9. Beauty Blenders (Candy Cane Set) – I have become an oober Beauty Blender fan! I rarely apply liquid founations with a brush anymore because the blenders are just amazing! I love the black, white and pink all together, so this is just the perfect set!
  10. Sephora, Ulta or Bath & Body Works Gift Cards – Do I really need to explain why I want these?

I also said I would want anything red, anything with Pandas or my Demdaco Willow Tree figurines that I collect, but those have no specific graphics. I am certainly not greedy and looking for all of these things, but come on, its fun to throw it out there!

What is on your holiday list?

32 Responses to “My Christmas Wish List!!!”

  1. the clarosonic mia cleansing system is brilliant. It really scrubs the skin and clearer skin means moisturisers get into the skin quicker and deeper so you’re getting the most out of your products when you’ve a cleaner face.

    Great top 10 list..I hope santa takes the hint and gets you something from it :)


  2. A lap-desk would be brilliant for me too, but it’s not something I ever thought of. I am always blogging, watching videos, and writing essays on my laptop, and it can get really hot!

  3. I asked for a Clarisonic for Christmas as well! Hoping for one so I can add that extra step to taking care of my skin! Everything on your wish list looks like things you’d spot on mine as well!

    I hope Santa gives you the hookup! ;p

  4. I really want to try the Beautyblender for the first time, but can never be tempted enough :p Love the UD pencil set and I have been eyeing the Clarisonic intently :)

  5. The Lap Desk is so cool! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hm, there are lots of things on my wishlist this year, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift is one of them as well as the 3rd season of “The Vampire Diaries”. I am so obsessed with that show. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a wonderful christmas time. <3


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