I honestly don’t know where to begin with my Christmas post. The holidays are my absolute favorite time of year and the feelings that I have are indescribable. I mentioned all I am thankful for in my Thanksgiving Day post, and not much has changed since then. I am still thanksful for every single thing I mentioned.
It has been a sad couple of weeks, I am sure you all know why, so I won’t get into it. Although the sadness and heartache has hit me and others quite hard, I just have to sit back and think about how grateful I am to have everything I have. We all have our down days, but it is this time of year that makes me feel closer to my family, my friends and my followers. The happiness and love that we all share during Christmas time is simply amazing. After the holidays, we all move on and life gets back to “normal”, but once in awhile, sit back and reflect on all the joyful memories that you have and…

8 Responses to “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!”

  1. What a lovely post :) christmas is a really special time of year, and it always makes me take account of what I am thankful for!
    Keep up the great work with your blog!

    Merry christmas & happy new year to you!
    Amber x


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