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I have been wanting to do a product review on these liners for a long time!  The Makeup Geek Gel Liners were released a few months ago, but I am getting around to reviewing them now and I am so excited to share them with you!
I am a huge fan of Marlena, creator of Makeup Geek!  Her tutorials and personality are what drew me in, and her products are simply amazing!  First she started off with incredible eyeshadows and makeup brushes, then lipsticks and now these gel liners!  I simply cannot wait to see what’s next!
Makeup Geek currently sells 11 highly pigmented colors at a super reasonable price ($7.99 each).  I am not a huge fan of colorful eyeliners, so I personally use these alone or as an eyeshadow base.  These water resistent liners are cruelty free, long lasting and won’t fade or crease.  All the colors are absolutely gorgeous and although I only bought four, one day, I shall own them ALL!!!
I wanted to start off with buying shades that I knew I would use often, so of course, I opted for Immortal, an intense black shade with a matte finish.  This is the one that I would certainly use on the waterline or on the lid.
Another color that I bought is Twinkle, a shade I am wearing today in fact.  This metallic dark grey shade has a blue undertone with a shimmery finish and is gorgeous as an eyeshadow base!
The third color I purchased is Rave and I just love it!  This shimmery dark metallic golden brown shade has a rich and creamy texture, and is again perfect for an eyeshadow base.
Last, but certainly not least, I bought Poison.  I know, this is far from an everyday shade, but I just had to have it!  First of all…it’s RED!!! It is hard to find a red eyeliner and I just needed it in my life.  No, I have no intenetion of wearing a red liner very often, but this matte, rusty red color is awesome and packs a HUGE punch!!!
From the left: Immortal, Twinkle, Rave, Poison
I just want them all!  They are so gorgeous, the swatches are amazing, and Marlena wears all of them well!  Then again…she can wear anything well…she’s STUNNING!!!  The next colors on my list to try are Electric,Mobster and Cottontail.  I probably won’t even have to do another review because I know I will just love them!
Have you tried these gel liners from Makeup Geek?
Have you tried any Makeup Geek Products?
If so, whats are your favorites?  If not…interested?

32 Responses to “Makeup Geek Gel Liners”

  1. I have no tried these specific gel liners but I do like a good gel liner. I can’t even imagine being able to pull off the poison one. The colors are great.


  2. Marlena is the one that got me hooked too. I haven’t given in and bought the gel liners yet. The pigmentation is great. I never would have really considered a red liner before but *swoon*

  3. Wow Poison is amazing! I might have to grab that! My eyes are dark brown, but look a little burgundy in some lights, I think poison would really play that up.

  4. Thanks for the review! I always wondered about these gel liners, glad to hear they are awesome! Found you on blog hop! New follower:)

  5. I bought Poison and the color is AMAZING! It did take really really long to dry though. I had to close my eyes for about 5 minutes and it still transferred a bit to my crease :(

    • that is one thing that I really did notice after I posted this…It took awhile to dry…the colors are so amazing though!!!!

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog! I would actually love to pick up Poison – i’ve been using eyeshadow mixed with some mixing medium but it exactly working the best haha ;D But Rave has got me hooked too! ooh I gotta get me some liners 😀 Lovely post! Thanks for the review! x


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