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I have to admit…this stuff is pretty cool!  If you are a loyal reader of Hello Miss Niki, you know I am a huge advocate of Skin Cancer Awareness.  I always stress the importance of wearing an SPF and always make sure I protect my skin from the sun.  A representative from Brush On Block was kind enough to send me this product.  I am was absolutely thrilled to try it out.
The Brush on Block would have been better for me to truly test during the summer when I was much more prone to being outside, but I am still enjoying the product and looking forward to those summer BBQs where all I have to do is brush on an SPF.  Brush on Block a 30 SPF mineral sunscreen containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  The product looks like a beige powder, but it actually goes on transulcent and can be worn over makeup, which is perfect for me!  I tried some of the powder on alone, and although it didn’t have a full coverage effect like a regular loose powder would, it did give my skin a matte finish, depleating all signs of oily patches or slight discoloration.
Brush on Block is water and sweat resistent and keeps its 30 SPF 80 minutes after swimming or sweating.  I love this because it is such a pain to reapply sunscreen after swimming and even more of a hassle as you are swimming or sweating and the sunscreen drips into your eyes.  This product is less likely to cause skin irritation and is ideal even for those with acne-prone or senstive skin.
Brush on Block was created for everyone to help encourage skin protection daily.  Due to the fact that I for one also urge skin protection, this brush on application makes it easy to reapply, and its simplicity will make you want to use it often.  I think this is a nifty little product, and I look forward to trying it out more in the summertime!
What do you think about this interesting little product?
What do you use to protect your skin from daily exposure to the sun?

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  1. Love! I too am a huge sunscreen advocate and though i wear moisturizer sunscreen under my makeup – this would be really good for quick application or just a double dose of security! Great review!


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