Advanced Minerals Review

Nothing beats high quality mineral cosmetics!  Skin is meant to look and feel natural and Advanced Minerals makes this possible.  These products are non-comedogenic and oil-free, which allows your skin to breathe as it’s intended to. Once again, SFRbeauty was kind enough to send me these products and I am absolutely grateful because I enjoy trying new products.  To learn more about Advanced Minerals, keep reading! ENJOY!!!
* I need to take a moment to apologize…I did not get the opportunity to take decent photos of the actual products.  I have been using them and they don’t look so “pretty” anymore.  Please accept the photos directly from SFRbeauty’s website and a few of the products I swatched.  Thank you! *
One of the products that I had the absolute pleasure of trying was the Liquid Mineral Foundation.  This 100% vegan product is paraben free and contains no fillers or fragrances.  Unfortunately, the shade I tried was not a complete match for my skin, but I made it work, and it felt amazing!  The color lasted all day long and was extremely light weight.  I almost forgot I had makeup on, and that rarely happens!  I would say that it provided me with full coverage and made my skin look absolutely flawless.  This foundation is perfect for those with sensitive skin; and wonderful for those with skin conditions like acne or rosacea, as this product enhances cell growth to help rejuvenate dull and tired skin.
I’ll be honest…I am not a huge fan of pressed powder foundations, but the Advanced Minerals Pressed Powder is perfect to carry around for those occasional touchups. Again, this product didn’t match my skin perfectly, as I needed a lighter shade, but like the liquid foundation, it felt great! This product is very lightweight and contains natural sunscreen which is amazing since I am a huge advocate of sun safety.  Furthermore, I noticed that it didn’t settle in the creases of my face (and yes…at 25 years old…I have those), therefore I believe that this powder would work beautifully for aging individuals.
Me and palettes…we get along quite well! I am a huge sucker for makeup palettes and I was so excited to see that I recieved the Day Palette!  Advanced Minerals does not contain many eyeshadows, as they only currently produce foundation, powders, concealers and a few brushes.  Hopefully, in the future they begin to manufacture more eyeshadows and blushes because I love their cosmetics. The Day Palette is beautiful and contains 4 shadows, 1 blush and 1 cream luminizer. The packaging for this product seems a little flimsy, and I feel if I were to drop it, the makeup inside would not be protected, so I’ll be completely honest and say I wasn’t too thrilled with that.  However, the colors inside really are gorgeous, pigmented and extremely versatile to create a daytime or even nighttime look.  However, if you are looking for a palette to create more smokey looks, have no fear…Advanced Minerals also has a Night Palette!
The benefits of using Advanced Minerals are endless and it’s fantastic for your skin.  Unfortunately, I don’t own many mineralized cosmetics, so I am thrilled that these products have been added to my collection!  To purchase or review these products, please visit SFRbeauty’s website.

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  1. I’ve never seen this brand. The compact makeup seems quite nice. I like those, they’re so convenient. 😀


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