I Heart NYX Eyeshadows!!!

I just LOVE doing my eye make-up!  Every morning I try and wake up and do something new and fun.  My latest obsession…NYX Single Eyeshadows!  These shadows come in 160 gorgeous shimmer, metallic, glossy, glitter and matte shades.  I am almost overwhelmed with all of the AMAZING colors that they have and the best part…ONLY $5.00!!!  I do not believe they are sold in Drug Stores (not where I am in Jersey anyway) but they can be purchased at almost any beauty supply store such as Ulta or Harmon Face Values.
These shades are extremely pigmented!  Most drug store or low end eye shadows have to be packed on to get the color you are really looking for, but NYX shadows don’t require much effort at all.  These shadows go on so smoothly and last all day long!  Some say that these eye shadows are comparable to MAC, but I can’t really vouch for that because I don’t have many MAC shadows in my kit.  I can say, that for anyone who does not want to pay high end department store prices, these are great!  NYX’s Black single shadow has to be one of my favorite shadows. It gives a silky matte finish and I can say that this one is a great alternative to MAC’s Carbon.
I have about 14 NYX Shadows, most in the blue, green and red family.  I have yet to try their brown’s and purple shades, but that’s only because I have other brand eye shadows in those colors and don’t want to duplicate right now.  Below is my collection of NYX Single Shadows.
Below I have swatched these colors on my arm so you can see their pigmentation.
(Right Photo from the TOP: Black, Deep Charcoal, Deep Space, White, High Light)
(Left Photo from the TOP: Odyssey, Frosted Ocean, Morocco, Exotic Green, Hunter Green, Lime Juice, Lagoon Sparkle, Highlight, Sensual, Rust)
As I mentioned I especially LOVE the Black Shadow.  One of my other favorites in my collection is Lime Juice.  I don’t use it often, but its such a fun bright color. The only colors in my collection that could be better is the Deep Space, which goes on a bit rough and Lagoon Sparkle.  I just wish it was a bit more pigmented.  Below is a look that I did with ONLY NYX Shadows.
I used White on the inner corner, Lagoon Sparkle on the lid, Morocco on the crease and Lim Juice on the bottom lid.  I think the look is so much fun, but again, the only color I wish was more vibrant was the Lagoon Sparkle.  If I were to do this look again, I would probably use Ben Nye Turquoise.  Other than that, I think the look is great!
My next obsession, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.  These pencils act as both an eye liner and shadow. Available in 28 shades, these pencils glide on smoothly and like the single shadows, are long lasting.  I only have four of them, but think they are incredible!!! (see swatches to the right – From the TOP: Milk, Black Bean, Slate and Purple)  A MUST for your make-up collection…NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  It acts as a great base for your eyeshadows!  Soon enough, I will have 14 of those too =D

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