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Never Forget… September 11, 2001

I never know exactly how to start writing this post. Each year, on September 11th, so many emotions arise, as I remember it like it was yesterday. A Freshman in high school… I thought it was a new beginning and it was, but the tragic day weighed on my fellow... More

August Faves

Yay! September is here! Goodbye, Summer! I’m not much of a Summer person so the fact that we’re close to Autumn is getting me all giddy! I did have quite a few good favorites last month, so even though I’m a tad late with the post, here are my August... More

Get the Look: Shades of Nude *HOT at NYFW*

From celebs to runway, this Fall’s hottest trend is the Nude Lip. The secret to wearing this look is to avoid anything too white…the trend is Shades of Nude, not zombie chic! Find your perfect shade and rock the trend with these must haves: Teadora Nourishing Lip Butters Packed with antioxidant and... More

IT Cosmetics CC + Radiance Ombre Bronzer

Let’s just take a moment to observe the beauty of the IT Cosmetics CC + Radiance Ombre Bronzer………….. Did I give you enough time? Isn’t it gorgeous! Don’t you just love how it’s all… ombre and stuff? Okay… I’m coming across as a blabbering idiot! Before I even tried this product,... More

Top 5 Favorite Bronzers

Summer is practically over. Labor Day has come and gone, beach season is winding down, swimming pools are starting to close for the season and school will soon begin. While I’m not a big fan of Summer (I’m not one to tolerate the heat), it’s sort of a bummer knowing... More

Serenity + Scott Makeup Brushes

I adore makeup brushes! Whether I will use a specific brush or not, I am always open to trying them, even if it’s once. I was absolutely stunned and honored when I was gifted the Serenity + Scott Makeup Brushes! I am so grateful to them and thrilled that I had... More

Jesse’s Girl Satin Finish Collection

I’m just going to get this out of the way. The Jesse’s Girl Satin Finish Collection is amazing! I’ve gone on and on about how much I love Julie G polishes, but what about Jesse’s Girl Nail Polishes? I’ve posted photos of my lovely Jesse’s Girl manis, but I’ve never given a... More

Top 10 Favorite Apps

While I enjoy posting product reviews, I’ve been doing way too much of them lately and need some change! With the launch of Makeup Social, a new fun social network for makeup and beauty lovers, I can quickly see this becoming one of my favorites. But what else is on... More

Lush ‘Shark Fin Soap’ for Shark Week: Keeping th...

Shark Week is here and I couldn’t be more excited, especially since that epic Rob Lowe commercial (please tell me you know what I’m talking about). Besides Rob Lowe riding sharks while being embraced by a mermaid (see… epic), I’m really excited due to Lush’s partnership with the Discovery Channel to... More

July Faves

I’m so in love with my July Faves! Each month, I usually have to go through my routine to remember what I enjoyed most, but this time around, it was a no brainer! From newbies to classics, I think I did pretty damn well this month! 1) Tarte Be Charmed... More