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NeoCell Biotin Bursts

I may not eat well all the time or exercise often, but one thing I’m good at is taking vitamins every morning, and most recently, NeoCell Biotin Bursts have been one of them! I really do think that vitamins are important and while I was taking Biotin by mouth every... More

My Christmas Wish List

Believe it or not, I had trouble coming up with a Christmas Wish List this year. I’m fortunate in the sense that I have everything that I need and couldn’t really think of anything I wanted. Everyone knows I have enough makeup, so I didn’t want to ask for much... More

Countdown to the Holidays: Week 3 Giveaway!!! *CLOSED*

Helloooo!!! The holidays are here!!! YAY!!! Are you in the spirit? I am! I love it! Welcome to the Countdown to the Holidays: Week 3 Giveaway!!! Thank you all for your participation!!! Over the past two weeks, I have given away gift sets from ECRU New York; but this week, I present... More

Pure Ice Bling On The Holidays Collection

It is the season of glitter! I’ve never worn much glitter during the holiday seasons, but thanks to new polishes like the Pure Ice Bling On The Holidays Collection, I’m all about it! Holiday collections, I feel, are better than ever this year and that’s why I’m super excited to review another... More

Countdown to the Holidays: Week 2 Giveaway!!! *CLOSED*

Helloooooo, my little sugar plums! Oh… don’t like that? Okay… sorry… Hello, there! Welcome to the Countdown to the Holidays: Week 2 Giveaway!!! Last week, I mentioned that I’ve teamed up with Ecru New York and Beauty Addicts to bring you 3 weeks…. yes 3 weeks… of giveaways! Last week, I gave away  two sets of the ultra luxurious... More

Get a Festive Glow with Pixi Beauty!

The holidays are near and Pixi Beauty can help you get a festive glow with these luminous and lovely must-haves! I absolutely love this time of year! Whether you have a big holiday party planned, or a fun little shindig with friends, you can glam it up or tone it down... More

Countdown to the Holidays: Week 1 Giveaway!!! *CLOSED*

Hello all!!! The holidays are here and to countdown the days, I’ve teamed up with Ecru New York and Beauty Addicts to bring you 3 weeks…. yes 3 weeks… of giveaways! Starting today, each week, we will be giving away two sets of products a week to a total of 6... More

Sigma Ethereal Radiance Collection

Celebrate this holiday season in style with the Sigma Ethereal Radiance Collection! This stunning assortment of subtle color-shifting neutrals to full on glitter is meant for the most festive time of year, which calls for the most jaw dropping (that’s an understatement) variety. From the return of Lip Bases to... More