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NEW Ofra Cosmetics Skin Care Products Review

Well… these products are not so “new” anymore, but OFRA reviews… oh, how I looooove OFRA reviews! Every time I see that glorious light green OFRA package at my front door, I get super excited! While I haven’t necessarily been the best blogger over the past year, I have kept... More

January Faves

Another month has quickly flown by, and here we are… February 2018! I discovered some pretty good finds this month, and have a few that I’ve been using for awhile, but simply forgot to list for December. Ooops! Let’s get to it! Here are my January Faves! OFRA Cool as... More

Workout Wednesday: The Ab Routine I Swear By!

So I’ve been wanting to incorporate more health and fitness posts on my blog, and I think I may have found one way to do so. Every other Wednesday, I’m going to try to publish an article which will be part of my new Workout Wednesday Series. As of now,... More

Target Spring 2018 Beauty Preview

On Thursday, February 1, I attended the Target Spring 2018 Beauty Preview. I honestly look forward to these Target events for several reasons. Besides the fact that so many exciting new products are showcased, and I’m one of the few that get to see them first, the event itself is... More

POPBeauty Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powders

Highlighters. Dare you get me talking about highlighters? Applying a highlighter ties up my entire makeup look. It simply brings everything together and completes everything! I’ve had my eye on the POPBeauty Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powders for awhile now. I’ve seen several reviews and swatches over the past few weeks,... More

December Faves

Happy New Year!!! I can’t believe it’s 2018! I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday season! I certainly did! It was so nice to literally do nothing! Yes, I spent a lot of time with family and experienced the Christmas hustle and bustle, but after that, it was a... More

10 New Year Beauty & Health Resolutions

I’m truly not one to make New Year’s Resolutions. I honestly can’t remember the last time I made one and stuck with it. My whole lifestyle change was not a new years resolution… as a matter of fact it came a month or two after new years. That being said,... More

Motivating Health + Fitness Instagram Accounts

I can’t tell you how much Instagram has helped me stay on track. Making a huge lifestyle change is intimidating enough and can be extremely difficult, especially on days I’m feeling down and not up for the challenge. Throughout the day, I get Instagram post notifications on my phone from... More

5 Favorite Red Lipsticks for the Holidays!

Honestly – it doesn’t have to be Christmastime for me to rock a red lip. I seriously wear it all year round, and it doesn’t matter the season… I’ll wear brights on a chilly day in the Fall, and darks on a warm day in the Summer. I have no... More

Wish List | Holiday 2017

I’m gonna be honest… my wishlist is pretty packed! Year after year, like everyone else, I get the golden question… “What do you want for Christmas?” And I usually struggle with ideas. This time around… not so much! It’s probably because I’ve expanded my interests this past year. I used... More